"Among others" is correct where "other" is a noun or pronoun, e.g. At … Often seen in sarcastic discourse. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Is that correct? In modern English, we still have some words like that, such as once, always, and unawares.Amongst, whilst, whence, and amidst may … Should there be a comma after using the word among others? Examples. In your original post, you said "decline in quality of life AND displacement of inhabitants, among others". In Santa Clara County today, there are 14,600 families at imminent risk of homelessness when the eviction moratorium expires Jan. 31. It has the same shape as an apostrophe or single closing quotation mark (’) in many typefaces, but it differs from them in being placed on the baseline of the text. The second is not common, and I wouldn't consider it correct, but there is some variation among English speakers in the use of etc. The comma, is a punctuation mark that appears in several variants in different languages. inter alios: among others: Often used to compress lists of parties to legal documents. Varkala. 28. The serial comma, also known as the Oxford comma, is the one before “and” in a series of three or more. You will find much of your power diminished, especially among those who used to bow to you. Can you spot where? : Not to be used of persons. What is the message of the poem malaya; WIN #6 $2,000.00; 5 years ago. before the coordinating conjunction [usually and or or]) in a series of three or more terms.For example, a list of three countries might be punctuated either as "France, Italy and Spain" (without the serial comma… in association or connection with; surrounded by: You are among friends. Tourism "; use "for example," "such as," "among others" or, better yet, try to give a complete list (unless citing, for example, a list of products known to be incomplete), even if abstract. Of these two words, among is the earlier of the pair, first appearing during the Old English period. In English language punctuation, a serial comma, or series comma (also called an Oxford comma or Harvard comma), is a comma placed immediately after the penultimate term (i.e. COVID-19. A dictionary example without comma's may be found in Collins Dictionary : He is expected to be supported at the meeting by Dennis Skinner and Tony Benn among others. recent questions recent answers. He came to experience chronic pain, balance difficulties and among others, sensitivity to light. ; Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars. The following sentences all lack a necessary comma. “Opting for a certain technique depends on different factors such as the students’ level of education, age and social background among others.” It’s an awkward sentence generally. See also Strunk and White: Etc. E.g. Among is the older version of the word, tracing its roots back to Old English.Amongst appeared in Middle English. Among definition is - in or through the midst of : surrounded by. I want to say: It will include xyz, among other … among other things: A term used in formal extract minutes to indicate that the minute quoted has been taken from a fuller record of other matters, or when alluding to the parent group after quoting a particular example. This Site Might Help You. If you are talking about a group of people, you also use among: Fear spread among … RE: How does one use the phrase "among other things correctly? Their names are listed among others atop this year's list of most mispronounced words, as complied by the U.S. Captioning Company, which captions and subtitles real-time events on TV and in courtrooms. 13. When "among others" is the last term, it is used without a comma.For further reference, see this post on ELL. Anonymous. ... among other things → unter anderem; she had sung with Madonna among others → sie hatte unter anderem mit Madonna gesungen; to stand among … Read More; Released on 02/01/2016 among synonyms, among pronunciation, among translation, English dictionary definition of among. Is the comma placement after word "others' in the sentence below correct? Before COVID-19, there were 58,000 families in Silicon Valley living on $15,000 to $35,000 a year, barely making ends meet in one of the most expensive rental markets in the nation. More about "Among" and "Amongst" The prepositions "among" and "amongst" mean the same as each other. Some typefaces render it as a small line, slightly curved or straight but … Press Release Blood Glucose Monitors Market Latest Trends, Development, Revenue, Demand And Forecast To … It comes from the antecedent on gemang, which yielded onmang before the year 1100.The variant amongst didn’t appear for another 500 years or so until the 16th century. Tweet. Learn more. This is fine, because you are only naming two items.You generally use commas … My reply: No one would read it to mean that the “among other things” means that the book is one of many things. Onmanorama Travel. The Case of the Missing Comma A related issue is the epidemic of missing commas after parenthetical phrases or appositives — that is, self-enclosed material that’s within a sentence, but not essential to its meaning. Somehow “among” needs the preceding comma, yet “amongst” can get by without it, especially when spoken. 0 0. Among other things definition is - in addition to things that are not specifically mentioned. Among other things, imprinting is known to take place during gamete formation, whereas differentiation takes place in the early embryo. 12. When using commas in a list, you should use a comma before the words "and" or "or". Define among. With the comma there? 42. Should there be a comma after using the word among others? Located over 50 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, the Mutt used to attract thousands of pilgrims and VVIP guests annually during the time of the.Sivagiri. It is believed that it emerged by form-association with superlatives among… I have made some sacrifices to a sense of duty, and among others have sacrificed this pleasure also. How to use among other things in a sentence. among definition: 1. in the middle of or surrounded by other things: 2. happening or being included as part of a…. Source(s): phrase correctly: https://shorturl.im/EzV80. 45. Free e-mail watchdog. Avoid "etc. Stylas said: “I think it might relate to the physical situation of the object/ person in question.” Try to construct a sentence starting with “Among other things” where the thing that is among other things is immediately following the comma. It was painted by Cezanne, Picasso and Max among others. 1. For example, if you were talking about colleges collectively you could say, "She chose among the Ivy League schools." 21. Before that, in my long sojourn in New Zealand, I'd missed most of the news from Britain (and was not sorry) – but one story that did reach me was the hooha over the … 46. inter arma enim silent … History of Among and Amongst. On the other hand, you use among when you are talking about things that aren't distinct items or individuals. Though relatively … I want to say: It will include xyz, among other things. > He was a bad writer, among other things > He was a bad writer amongst other things. The Brexit Comma, among other things I was blearily waking up in a Singapore hotel, en route back to Blighty, when Brexit happened, so I missed all the fun. "Among" and "amongst" have the following meanings: (1) "Surrounded by" or "in the company of" I am among my friends. The first is correct. That yielded, among other things, 50 hours of recorded conversation with Ames. It's an honor to be among the first to welcome you officially to the family. 18. "Among other" is correct where "other" is an adjective and qualifies a noun, e.g. People sometimes ask about the difference between among and amongst.Both words mean the same thing, but among is the older form and is now more commonly used in the United States, whereas amongst is more commonly used in Britain.. For example, Google's Ngram viewer suggests the word "amongst" … The -st at the end of amongst is a holdover from a period of English in which s sounds were added to words (usually nouns) to make adverbs.Other examples of words inflected this way include always, once, whence, and unawares, and there are a few other -st adverbs such as whilst and amidst. During this period, the English language added sounds to some words to form adverbs. between vs. among Among and amongst - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Ask Login. Among other things, this book explores the concept of silliness. 2. It can imply some ulterior end that is intentionally left out from speech/narration but should be easily deducted from context. Among other things, we have to consider the possibility that Alexander's idea of kingship was entirely derived from Aristotle's teaching. My father, who gave … New scientific techniques introduced among other things reliable means of dating the … How to use among in a sentence. virtual pilgrimage. Answer this question.