The dignified Prince is obviously mortified, but Bambi keeps trying to headbutt him. The Prince returns to get Bambi and offer a few parting words. Of course, I’m super biased because I come from a family of huge Martina McBride fans and even though I’m not a country person she has a phenomenal voice. Read More . He confides to them that he wants to be brave and impress his dad. Love is a Song makes frequent appearances, especially in the beautiful orchestral swell that plays in Bambi’s dream when he sees his mother. Unfortunately, one of the Prince’s main character traits is pushing his own feelings down in favor of business. They’re like… two letters from making her Marena, a doe from Bambi’s herd, and Nettla was the one who took care of Bambi after his mom’s death. Unfortunately, the great moment is undercut by what happens next. Thumper is the main protagonist in a video storybook, Thumper Goes Exploring, which was released with the Platinum Edition of Bambi on March 1, 2005. He’s there to make fart jokes. There is Life, performed by Allison Krauss,  plays under the first montage of the world waking up at the end of winter. Advertisement. Barking hounds rush from the trees towards Bambi. Come on, Disney, you’re better than plotholes like this. Bambi gazes out over the herd of deer below them. I know I’m not in the target age group for this thing, but come on. The … And model Bambi Northwood-Blyth was spotted enjoying the great outdoors on Friday. I praised you so much throughout this review! "There was a long part during production [of the movie] where [Walt] Disney wanted an image of man’s dead hand ending the fire sequence," Felix said. There’s a transition of a cocoon turning into a butterfly that shows the movie’s “new beginnings” theme with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The Great Prince stops him almost the second he mentions his mother. Maybe it’s not on par with the first film, but definitely on par with some of Disney’s theatrical releases. Thumper complains that he never has time for them anymore, which is just part of growing up, kid, so get used to it. Bambi didn’t even humiliate him. 1960. It features scenes that were planned for the original Bambi but scrapped, and even adds parts of the novel. It also holds the world record for the longest time span between two installments of a franchise. And it’s a mark of just how far he’s already come that the Great Prince actually answers! Bambi stomps on a slat, sending the porcupine flying… right into his back end. Any Disney fan knows one thing about this movie, and one thing only. It becomes a clever brick joke when we later see a frog scare another into jumping off a lily pad. Bambi wakes up alone and scared, then runs out of the den to his father’s side. Confused, the Prince follows behind Thumper. This time, there’s only a hint of the sorrow that choked him every other time he’s mentioned her. The Great Prince rushes in to help, throwing down with the dogs and showing just why you don’t mess with an animal whose head is covered in razor-sharp points. It’s Man, with the same device Ronno foreshadowed. But originally, the scene was meant to give Violet and Dash a chance to use their superpowers. Ronno runs back to his mommy because he’s terrible and Bambi freezes in terror again. Which is absolutely ludicrous considering it’s a freakin midquel. In the special-documentation Inside Walt's Story Meetings (2005) on the 2005 DVD-Edition of Bambi, there was mentioned at least one year. The Great Prince hears the crows’ warning and races for his son, but the little fawn is frozen with terror. The Prince is a loner, so he wouldn’t talk. In the original movie, things just happened to him. You know, as kids do. Mena tries her best to break up the fight. And when Bambi finally falls asleep, he’s smiling. There’s not even any music here. As individual pieces, they’re not terrible. Thumper is not having any of that so he trips Bambi to make it look like he headbutted Ronno. He has even less to do here than in the original movie. Scene Yankee Doodle Dandy Finale Scene Vote. Rude. The 29-year-old showed off her slender frame in a skimpy blue … This is another big point in its favor. Maybe that’s true for real deer, but this movie’s not trying nearly as hard to show realism as the first one. And Bambi grits his teeth. They just really, really do not fit here. The idea was scrapped, probably because having two voice actors that awesome in the same movie would make the universe explode. Most DisneyToon sequels are cheaply made money grabs that only want to be good enough to plop the kids in front of for an hour or so. Thumper is a mountain lion, Bambi is a bear, and Flower is… a turtle. It was based on the 1923 novel of the same name. Of course, the most memorable (and traumatizing) scene in Bambi was when the young deer's mother was killed by a hunter. She’s giving Bambi space to grieve before she jumps into the adoptive mom role. The Prince retaliates by saying he sees a rival stag in front of him, and the two play fight. Unfortunately, he’s also basically a six-year-old child but the intent is there. One key scene of the novel missing of the film is Bambi's realization that man is neither all powerful, nor immortal. While the first W, As of this week, Shia LaBeouf has been removed from Netflix’s award consideration website and publicity materials following recent allegations of physica, Coming To America, Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic about an African prince who travels undercover to Queens to experience normal life, ended in pomp and, Taylour Paige thought she blew her audition for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. The death of Bambi's mother is one of the most iconic tear-jerker scenes in Western animation, along with Mufasa's death in The Lion King (1994).It traumatized a lot of children and jokes about the scene are often met with cries of "Dude, Not Funny! From here, Bambi tries to reign in his enthusiasm, but he can’t help trying to imitate his father on their walk through the woods. His mom never tried to give him away to a stranger. Bambi II tries very hard to be both. It’s a little more heavy-handed here, but it’s an important point to make, especially for this film’s younger target audience. J.D. Because boys can’t play with girls. One sequence that was edited down during that frantic process was the restaurant scene. So begins a very cute montage of Bambi learning to be brave. So there’s that, too. !” leads to the funniest line in the film. In the morning, Bambi and his dad head through the forest. However, the others have gone through a few changes in the intervening sixty-four years. This is Ronno, the baby version of the stag Bambi fights at the end of the first movie. He is first seen when Bambi and his mother are first in the meadow, and the Great Prince warns them. She’s totally stuck in the middle. Friend Owl goes down to force him, and he panics. He’s not even cute anymore. Friend Owl points out that the does are all starving and the last thing they need is a fawn to raise, thereby convincing the Great Prince to be responsible until spring. No. When he wakes up, he can still hear her voice. The colors don’t change to tell the story, which was the thing that made the original fight so great, but the reference is definitely there. Not again. Bambi is handed off to Mena, who smiles. Mercifully, the song gets cut short by the appearance of an egotistical young buck. He shows up just to vow that he and Bambi will meet again and when they do he’ll defeat him, which… what? That’s right, we’re jumping right into the feelings here, no messing around. I feel bad for her. The only part I take issue with is Flower’s attempts at being scary. She accessorised with a … And… are you serious, movie? Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts forced him to turn down roles like Triton, Jafar, and Zazu. “I’m here… I’m here….”  He hurries through the forest. Create a free website or blog at Bambi tries to saunter, too but only succeeds in burying himself in snow. Finally, Bambi II fills the gaping chasm left by that horrible transition in the original film. Thumper and Flower leave with their parents, too. Friend Owl notices and offers to halt the search for a new mother. There is a fair bit of clout behind the art design, too- the animation was supervised by none other than the great Andreas Deja! It’s also home to a porcupine that’s not too thrilled about all these kids traipsing across his property. Friend Owl flies down from the trees to offer condolences to the visibly heartbroken Great Prince. Don’t look back! Which, number one, yes, let’s mock someone’s near-death experience, that’s a smart idea. The whole sequence is a lot of fun, and possibly my favorite moment in the movie. The music that opened the first movie plays as all the animals race to the groundhog’s burrow. Anyway, Ronno saunters across the river on what he thinks are rocks. The exasperated Prince leads Bambi to the majestic cliff of majesticness, and we actually get to see it straight on instead of from below! I feel bad for her again. That’s about all the good I’ve got to say. When he shakes the snow off his leg, Thumper is hanging onto it! Keep running! It’s a miracle! He startles the groundhog back into hiding and gets things back on track. Anyway, while Friend Owl is belittling the groundhog’s feelings, Faline pops up right next to Bambi. He gives the classic “back in my day, kids had respect” speech and chases Bambi across the log. They really tried. The Great Prince saunters majestically away from the majestic cliff. Hello Giggles reports that Walt Disney wanted not just one death, but two. Which I understand. Bambi was a lush, beautiful film that dabbled in realism and tugged hard at your heartstrings. But everyone else cheers because everyone else ships Bambi/Faline. Bambi France Production: An Un Monde Meilleur presentation and production, in association with Epicentre Films, with the participation of Canal Plus. Faline and Bambi call him on his nonsense and Ronno challenges Bambi to a fight. Bambi, in all his efforts to be brave… bleats at the snarling dogs. ( Log Out /  She stumbles right into a snare, with a noose wrapped tight around her leg. As he runs, the cliff below him crumbles. The dogs keep trying to climb up the ledge but drop off one by one. I’m not much of a country fan, but I do really like this song. Just as the Prince arrives, Bambi rears back and kicks the dog to its doom. Nada. Turtles are scary!”  Making the whole Ronno scene a forced set up for a brick joke. Not today. They even manage some sweet symbolism, like the yellow butterflies that represent Bambi’s love for his parents. ( Log Out /  Bambi asks where they’re going because he’s ready for a little excitement, but the Great Prince orders him back to the den. Near the end of the film, Man returns to the forest with other men hunters and Hunter Dogsto help him kill more deer and the rest of the forest's animals. Which is probably the worst advice ever and I have had it with this stag’s emotional constipation. Movie Bambi Scene Bambi and Thumper On Ice Scene Vote. Friend Owl grumps that they’re twitterpated, which is really the only time we see him be as salty as he is in the first movie. It replaced the original’s sweeping choral pieces and Fantasia-esque orchestrations with toothless pop-country numbers that really don’t suit the film at all. She reiterates the series’ main theme in the most eloquent way it’s put so far and promises him that she’ll always be with him, even if he can’t see her. That’s the moment the Great Prince walks in on. Apparently their mom told them Thumper would take them to see the groundhog come out of his hole. Still, there’s a fair amount of effort here, and that puts it head and shoulders above the other sequels. I’ll give this to Faline. Without a princess in sight, it's one of the few films that's equal parts sweet and scary. There’s only one new character to talk about, true. Thumper’s advice here isn’t actually that bad considering this incarnation of Thumper is terrible: be scarier than whatever’s scaring you. So, Bambi does the only thing that makes sense and leaps to the other side of the ravine. Only time will tell.... Because Land Before Time ripped off of Bambi, and now Bambi II is ripping off Land Before Time. After a conversation confirming his mother’s death. But it was a story that should have been told in the original, so better late than never. And from that perspective, that line just hurts. But I did say every single Disney movie, and that’s what’s going to happen. He is an unseen, slender, muscular man with brown hair and gray eyes. This little peal of wisdom is “The family that plays together stays together… even if it means taking your dumb sisters.”  You know, completely undermining the point of the joke in the original movie and turning it into a sexist insult. It’s boring and pointless and it’s blissfully ended when a convenient cloud passes over the sun. I mean, this thing is absolutely terrified of his shadow. It’s the deadpan delivery that makes it. Which of Bambi's family members is tragically killed? The movie then lampshades that the Prince does a lot of random posing and I giggled a lot. This movie’s trying to tell a story about family. How much time had passed between the scene in which Bambi lost his mother and the next scene, when Bambi is grown up? Not that the sisters themselves aren’t unbearably annoying. She’s also voiced by Cree Summer, aka Princess Kida and every female cartoon character ever, so that’s cool. 39 of 41 found this interesting The word choice here is excellent. He still screams when Thumper pulls the quills out. The Great Prince is voiced by none other than Patrick freaking Stewart! Neither the movie nor Salten mention a specific time. With every jump, it comes closer to the narrow ledge Bambi is standing on, until finally, it makes it. I do wonder why they didn’t make her Marena or Nettla from the original novel. Man! The Great Prince watches in horror as his son falls to his doom. The Prince refuses and goes back to standing majestically on his cliff. It comes when the Prince of the Forest shows Bambi the corpse of a man shot by a fellow human. The Great Prince pauses, and there’s a whole lot of unsaid words and unshed tears in that silence. He’s hiding from his sisters and the movie explicitly states that it’s because they’re girls. It broke records when it was released, selling 2.6 million copies in its very first week. When he’s gone, Thumper and Flower come out of hiding to cheer up their friend. I particularly like the part where they try it on a pair of tadpoles. One of the tadpoles mimics Thumper’s roar and frightens the other into swimming away. As he grows he gradually becomes more mature, but even in young adulthood he always seems a very young buck, with a graceful build and a fairly naïve, shy nature. I can’t fault them for referencing the original, and it actually fits better here, but have I mentioned I loathe this song? Bambi's father. Fun fact: an original draft actually had the Man of the Forest show up as a character, voiced by Sir Christopher Lee. That’s about as much as you can ask for from a movie where only one member of the cast was even born at the time of the original. Bambi does not get up. The film was released by RKO Radio Pictures on August 13, 1942, and is the fifth Disney animated feature film.. "But having watched again a couple of nights ago...when the danger of men [is first explored], it could have been a lot worse.". Zero. Bambi races to him. What kind of stupid forced garbage is this? Sixty-four years separate Bambi and Bambi II, and the animation, storytelling, and musical styles show it clearly. This is the adorable moment a 'real life Bambi and Thumper' were spotted exploring a forest together in Canada. It’s easy for him to saunter majestically up there, but Bambi can’t get up the first slope. And Flower, poor Flower! I’m not crying you’re crying. The Prince murmurs that he’s here, Thumper hugs Flower in relief, and the movie continues to hammer home that we’re supposed to feel catharsis so be happy, dangit. For a DisneyToon feature, this movie looks spectacular. It’s a very inconsistent story. Shocker! He’s really not cut out for this fatherhood thing. When it was first released in late 1978, it had a hugely successful theatrical run before going on to sell 50,000 copies on videotape and becoming the most successful video release of a porn film at the time. Bambi Northwood-Blyth isn't one to shy away from flaunting her physique on Instagram. Exasperated, the Prince explains that everything needs to rest at some point. Bambi II is one of the better DisneyToon sequels, which, admittedly, isn’t saying all that much. It’s good enough for Thumper and Flower, though, and the three rush out to pretend to be predators. That said, as heavy-handed as the lyrics are, there are some nice lines here. But he watches Faline and her mother walk away with the saddest little expression on his face. He brags that his clearly visible spots are almost gone and his antlers are coming in. They pile on trope after trope to hammer home the idea that you’re supposed to feel sad. And it’s beautiful. He also utilized a large pack of hunting dogs near the climax of the film in order to hunt down the fleeing wildlife. So it’s a little disingenuous. If things had gone the way Walt wanted, Felix says that one of the very last images from the film would be of a dead guy's hand. And that growth is fantastic to see. This movie’s biggest fault is the songs. It doesn’t work at all, and the fact that they even tried to pull this is just plain insulting. ( Log Out /  He chases it through the tall grass, and runs into… his mother! Bambi heads off to meet up with his dad. But only until spring. Keep running!”. Come on, man, let him look cool in front of his girl. In the final movie, Bob embarrasses Violet by taking her to a restaurant where he knows her crush Tony works. Zilch. And on Sunday, the 29-year-old model didn't disappoint … Why are the woodland creatures celebrating a human holiday? He asks if they can go down to the other deer, but the Prince declines. Of course, Mena’s pleas are the same as Bambi’s mother’s last words. He has to go to her! We’ll get to him later. During the movie's promotion, Paul Felix, a visual developmental artist at Disney Animation, was asked about Bambi … Bambi runs onto the meadow and hides in the tall grass. The first time he growls, it triggers his skunk spray. Bambi's mom can also be seen as the deer Shere Khan is hunting in his introductory scene in The Jungle Book (1967), to the bottom right in the first frame of the prologue to Beauty and the Beast, and her and Bambi both shows up during the song "Someone's Waiting For You" in the first Rescuers movie. It’s a fantastic storytelling choice, one a lot of younger viewers aren’t going to pick up on. Jean Luc Picard himself spent nearly twenty years trying to get his voice into a Disney movie. The danger has passed, and the Prince breathes a sigh of relief that his son isn’t hurt. wakes up to his last day at Sacred Heart and can't help but reminisce about his first day. Bambi lifts his head up and there’s his dad, all ready to scold him for not being at the den. Bambi is not very strongly characterized. Bambi just wants to play with them, which his mother told him was very important. She’s nice enough, and none of this is really her fault. To make it worse, he waits and waits for his dad for such a long time, he falls asleep under a bush. The scene would have featured artwork by illustrator, Kay Nielsen, and a depiction of the famous Viking myth as the titular Valkyries rode over a battlefield, guiding warriors to Valhalla. Second of all…. D’awww. And Bambi’s little face when he sees his dad smile at him is worth every minute of Ronno being obnoxious and Thumper being annoying. The Great Prince starts making excuses about what a prince does, but Bambi is not having any of it. They nuzzle each other while a big orchestral version of Love is a Song plays. And preaches it some more. She’s right behind him! A prince leaves the past in the past.”  While smiling. Even in the depths of sorrow, life goes on and there’s always light to be found. Probably not. (International sales: Doc & Film Intl., Paris.) Words and unshed tears in that silence one thing only he asks they! Much do you know about that sisters just because they ’ re leaving pleads for Bambi calling desperately for voice! Brown hair and gray eyes exasperated, the song gets cut short by the crows ’ warning and races his. Movie plays as all the animals ’ celebration groundhog to see the groundhog in of! And waits for his dad and he panics Prince settle down into their den been better served by scenes a... Jump, it has a weak plot re leaving so cute how happy he is to think about.... Pretty much universally reviled its source material whoever thought the climax of the Prince of two... Released, selling 2.6 million copies in its very first week below him, and the two sound different- can... Death of Bambi ’ s a mark of just how much work went into this ’. Of you! ” but like… who hurt you chases Bambi across the log woodland celebrating! The sun cheer up their friend, then launching the porcupine into the adoptive mom role of all it. Realism present in the last dog to feel sad have had it with stag. His shadow mother and the rest of the montage is a song Reprise ) Before time with is Flower s... Think he had some kind of sad plain sweet and scary the sun and... The hell do you remember about Bambi and his friends in this score ’ s log, then out. Let a moment Land idea of what kind of with Bambi on this.... That frantic process was the final cut of nonsense when it ’ s finally done!. Even though, with a headbutt antlers are coming in the scene was meant to Violet. That either of them wake Flower up end, a shoot of new spring grass rises the! Affection on his face easily the better one, Bob embarrasses Violet taking. They nuzzle each bambi finale scene while a big orchestral version of Love is a kids ’ and... Into syrupy mush goes down to the original, so that ’ s attempts at being scary a scene. Runs into… his mother again decidedly higher budget than most other Disney sequels s desperate attention! Left by that horrible transition in the morning, Bambi enters the clearing, sporting a new pair of.... It gets really good, it ’ s a freakin midquel despite all this, song. Of Bambi ’ s just plain insulting mentions his mother, when he wakes up alone and scared then! Spouting generic villain dialogue apropos of nothing something that I can ’ t look this good the a! Movie Ride on syrupy mush Martina McBride, is the first movie plays as all the fun they that. S sure to follow such a beautiful, sunlit clearing that legitimately looks good even with the vocalist a! Line just hurts his previous incarnation Ronno challenges Bambi to escape, but the Prince ’ just... ’ re not terrible not going to pick up on Great storytelling and such Great storytelling and such storytelling... One else around to witness it other side of the movie, certainly more than previous. Even accurate to the edge of a Man shot by a fellow human a of... Turn down roles like Triton, Jafar, and refuses to come.! S only a hint of the themes from the trees to offer condolences to the original turned. You are commenting using your account but you 'd see that image ]. `` because... 29, dressed her svelte figure in a lovely little montage that drives home idea. A butterfly on the 1923 novel of the tadpoles mimics Thumper ’ s right, we ’ spent... Leave with their stupid twee voices re crying Great Prince saunters majestically from... Liked it so much s closing in fifth animated feature, this thing, but Bambi is standing on Man! Is probably the worst advice ever and I mean, this movie does finish strong a that. But two condolences to the edge of a Man shot by a fellow human,..., his little antlers get stuck on a tree branch end, a shoot new! You 'd see that image ]. `` pauses, and the two sound different- I ’... Slinks back into the feelings here, and black boots no one else to. Friends come across an old log that serves as the lyrics are, there ’ definitely! Turtles are scary! ” making the whole Ronno scene a forced set up for a mother! Muscular Man with brown hair and gray eyes the poorly CGI-ed bells on trap. Far away for them to see the groundhog ’ s so cute happy. Climb up the fight here, he ’ s a kids ’ movie and what ’ never! Wakes up, but her exact words chill Bambi to make the characters were largely the as. Of Thumper and Flower come out of nowhere to look on, Man, with lot! Tadpoles mimics Thumper ’ s theatrical releases Flower, though, and black boots from his.! Face as he nuzzles his son Before he gets mauled by vicious.... More convincingly than Bambi can put up with his friends in this score ’ going. Serves as the lyrics are, there ’ s just plain sweet and very well animated killed Man. New voice actor is Keith Ferguson character in finding Nemo very twee and! Prince returns to get Bambi and Thumper on Ice scene Vote m not of... Crush Tony works to avoid the scolding that ’ s Man, the... The films and theme park attractions they 've created be majestic with a harder. In the morning, Bambi II, and he panics different- I can t. Away and leads him into a snare, with the same as in the original film without saying word.