LGI used good materials like hardy plank on the outside of the house. I really wanted a new construction house and LGI Homes had some good options. The floor guys came removed the floor but the concrete was wet. The combination of the price, the builder incentives, and the amount of home that we were getting for the money led us to choosing LGI Homes. We asked her if she could be available to speak with us and show us the house called The Leland. They used top quality stuff. At that point the floor was all undone reaching to the dining room area. There are sidewalks, too. The only thing is I expect to be able to walk into my brand new home and appreciate the fact that I did purchase a brand new home. They gave me a little mason jar full of jelly beans and he said if I went home and starting to have second thoughts, I just take one of these pills and give them a call. I called him in February. That still wasn't enough. The following week, they got us in even 3 days earlier than our closing date. The rep was the greatest person. When we went through a preferred lender, that was fine. I said, "Man up. They were highly rated too. They kept pushing the order every month until September that I received an email saying their COVID restrictions have been lifted. I was told to file a warranty with that. They made promises that seemed to me, outlandish. They should correct it because it's there. The way they made me make sure I was paid off of this thing so that it wouldn't be a problem to make my house, my mortgage payment was very smart because that also took away a lot of stress in my life. And the representative was patient and he understood my skepticism. A link has directed you to this review. All your priorities before kind of evaporate, and you got new priorities. The carpet is already cheap to begin with. They didn't even have models. Thank you for choosing us and congratulations on your new home! I thought that would be a standard. Terrata Homes combines functionality, quality and elegance to suit your active lifestyle. Not me. My friend bought a house from LGI Homes and referred me to them. There are several benefits of owning your home over living in an apartment and we are thrilled that you are enjoying them. One thing in particular, they thought that the ceiling was leaking from upstairs in one of the bathrooms. I don't have to worry about it. It purchases, plans and develops land for its new communities and puts … Were you guys able to go out and do X, Y and Z? I wish everybody did that. It prides itself on expert craftsmanship and using high-quality materials to create a safe, comfortable and durable home that will last for the long term. My problem is with LGI Homes in Sonterra Jarrell Texas. Nothing on our website should be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. We’re military. We had absolutely no problems with that. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. When I asked Eddie when the business meter was gonna be removed, he said next week. I wasn't finding what I was looking for and the houses were being snapped up before I could even make a decision. Although, there were a couple of things I would've liked to have differently that I can do myself. I'm out of state so I can't just drive by the house to see it. https://terrata.homes… The bugs at night are really bad. I tried to get both of my girls to buy. It is your responsibility to independently verify the information on the site. Terrata Homes - Magnolia Reserve in Magnolia, reviews by real people. CompleteHome is LGI Home’s trademark home design. But at any rate, except for the customer service, I would recommend LGI Homes. Don’t trust LGI HOMES. Upgrade your lifestyle with Terrata Homes at Potranco Ranch. My insurance rates are low because of that. We were looking at a new build here and decided that we did not want the home again. The smallest one was too small. She kept me posted every week. The sales manager sold my house that I was UNDER CONTRACT to another family. Said again someone would come. Josh even checked on me throughout the weeks. 7.6K likes. I ended up having my own realtors, which thankfully I did, because I felt like there was a whole lot of disconnect. We haven't seen any major flaws in the build. From the day we start construction to the final walkthrough, we have an intense focus on the details to ensure we are giving you the highest quality product. I know he did some stuff but he never called me or kept me informed. So I requested for Matt to have someone inspect the foundation. But obviously that's not LGI's fault. However, we do not assume any liability for inaccuracies. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with LGI Homes Customer Service. We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come! Aside from those things, I am excited to move. They gave us Sunny's phone number and we called her. Copyright © 2001-2020 Builders Digital Experience, LLC. I've definitely had a very good experience with LGI Homes. That was a big bonus for us too. We build affordable single-family homes, townhomes, active adult communities and luxury homes … I called Monica and said, "What do I need to do to get rid of this business meter? And David, the rep, was right there. After the second time of bidding that much more than the asking price and still that wasn't enough, someone outbid me. Visitors are greeted by natural, stacked stone monuments with native grasses … She said they had one left. It wasn't actually a leak. They really put good quality insulations inside the house. We were shopping for a new home or an older build in the Sacramento area. There's no true traffic 'cause it's kind of pear-shaped housing development, so you gotta try to come out the same way you went in. We were able to use the downpayment that we used here in Colorado, which I thought was very good. We’ll have a brand-new roof, furnace, all of that. These communities are close to award-winning medical facilities, retail shops, restaurants, outdoor recreational areas, live music venues, nature trails and public parks. The company's filing status is listed as Effective and its File Number is 20161101983. It only takes 2 days to install the floor and it should not take weeks for someone to come inspect the foundation. They didn't just slap it together and be like, "Oh, here. I was pleasantly surprised. We are thrilled that you enjoyed working with our team and that the process was smooth for you. We started with the smallest one and then worked our way up. She was my original rep. She called me weekly 'cause I purchased a home in December. I'm a first time home buyer so this is not something that I would probably be looking at. We have a German Shepherd puppy and she runs and runs and runs and plays. The whole staff that LGI has at this community is exceptional. We knew that when we moved in, we would have no problems, that we had the warranty on all of the construction. Competing against others for resales homes can be stressful and we are proud to offer move-in ready homes as an alternative. There was a very high market and it was hard for me. He explained all my commentary, answered my questions well enough, that I felt confident with moving forward. Terrata Homes. There were a lot of branches that had fallen down and I had to do a little bit of cleaning up. Read more … This luxury upgrade features all of the amenities of the CompleteHome package plus: These extra touches add more value to your house and enhance the features of your new home. The biggest problem that I had is that after I had signed the paperwork and at the closing, the concierge with my real estate has been trying to get the electric meter turned into my name, and just was told time and time again that it was a business meter and they couldn't have it turned over onto my name. Our spacious new homes are built in amenity-rich communities across the US, providing the safety and privacy of your own home … I couldn't get any better than that. With LGI Homes, you may qualify for no money down financing. We already have invested money, so it was awesome that we didn't have to put down a downpayment again. But I like the house. But because of trying to get the building permits 'cause of the Coronavirus, I wasn't able to move in. We like to go out for a walk or a bike ride and the neighborhood itself is great for those. It was one mistake in the building … We tried then to terminate the contract, was told that we could not despite the paperwork that we signed to do as such. I don't understand how they haven't been sued or been on the news they need to be! LGI Homes is a new home builder that builds homes and communities in more than 20 states across the country. It’s a new home for a reason, so it should already be prepared. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Castroville and beyond. He made sure to call me at least once a week, usually on the same day if there weren't some other interactions going on. You’ll get the run around! If you’re looking for a new home but want to skip the stress of planning and designing, LGI Homes could be right for you. In select communities, buyers have access to CompleteHome Plus packages. So those things, I appreciate. I have a cat and he used to run in our old streets for three years. But I went 24 hours without air conditioning in the heat. We love the construction manager who came around and showed us the home before we moved in. Of course, I didn't get to pick out colors and stuff like that. There were many things that were not up to par. They will tow your vehicle! So, they went in to see what it was but it turned out, someone had just spilled water on the floor. I'm asking you what that guy's name is," but he still won’t tell me. Each time I called, somebody would answer. Jay was really awesome. Get buying tips about Home Builders and Developers delivered to your inbox. She said I needed to come the next day because these houses are selling fast. I ended up getting some tile work done for the backsplash in the kitchen. When I was on the phone one time, I heard someone in the background saying, "Just hang up on her." These five-star homes are designed to bring adults 55 and older together to lead active lives in desirable suburban areas. Shame on you all. So far, so good. The following Wednesday, we met with Heath, the mortgage financial gentleman. That aspect of it was really good. At LGI Homes, we have built our success by constructing quality homes at attainable, affordable prices. That’s amazing. Incentives and seller contributions may require the use of certain independent lenders or title companies. Next week came and it wasn't removed. Some LGI Homes are the complete feature where they put blinds throughout the whole home. She did a good job presenting everything to me, but at the same time, it was a little pushy. The process is awesome. Let me get him over there and let him help you." I even called Sunny to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules for the subdivision, moving the plate. Don't give me this COVID mess excuse LGI had three months prior to COVID to fix my floor THREE! You can find contact details for LGI Homes above.. ComplaintsBoard.com … Original review: Feb. 9, 2016. I can't help you.” He just laughed at me. I went over there and I talked to them. When we went and saw the new house, they got the master key to all the model homes. Please be sure to file your claims through our convenient online warranty portal so we can resolve those items for you. I didn't go for a loan. By October the kitchen floor vinyl tile started coming up. We're not far from some rice fields and we didn't think about that when we bought. So, two weeks in a row and he promised me. It made the purchase really easy. We wrote a $1,000 check and put the deposit down on the house. We pride ourselves on our quality construction and are glad that you were pleasantly surprised! Since I had just moved I didn't get to put the WO until December the 16th. Her mother-in-law had a stroke. But I got disrespected by that guy, and he said, "I won't even show Eddie the picture, then. Once we get in there, hopefully we will have everything come corrected, and enjoy our brand new build. This picturesque neighborhood allows residents to indulge in an enriched lifestyle … No mold, too. Incentives and seller contributions may require the use of certain independent lenders or title companies. It's an open concept so you can see the entire ceiling. I bought a LGI Home last year in September. I've heard nightmares with people but this was a piece of cake. When I explained that to Eddie, he sent somebody out to take a picture. My realtor followed up today because we sent an email saying that we’re supposed to be done before we close. Then, Josh called me back. We apologize for the trouble with the meter delay, but are glad it got sorted out. There weren't any surprises along the way. LGI explained to me there isn't going to be someone that can possibly outbid me so I don't have to keep searching and searching. They do not care yet they pretend to be family oriented. I've always been able to go to her. Once again, he was an asset to the company. We didn’t have a back and forth. He freaked out that no one had came out. They just want to put a bandaid on the problem or expect you to get tired of calling and complaining. As long as they do what they tell you to do, they should have no problem with getting into the house. And it was the same guy that took the picture. Another benefit of new construction is that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is backed by several warranties! We're glad that those appliances are being taken care of and are happy that you like the community. So, when they patched it, they only painted that one area of the ceiling, and so you could tell the difference in it. I called LGI up and the rep said he could have it done in 30 days, with just about exactly the same window as I had to get something arranged for my family to move into. For me, moving in, I should not be able to walk into the dining room essentially, and see that big old spot that's discolored from the rest of the ceiling. These houses are built with cheap material that's why they're "so affordable". I spent Thanksgiving and my daughter's birthday party without a floor. If I had a problem, I never knew what the solution was. They didn't take me seriously. We walked through the house the day that we closed, and it still wasn't done yet. It's right after you sign some papers, and you give up your interest money. We came on over and saw it. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Initial LGI Homes complaints should be directed to their team directly. There are a few things that were missed that I specifically talked to them in the walkthrough but I didn't see that those got done. How do I know I can trust these reviews about LGI Homes? I've got a pond on one side and on the other side, I've got a woodline in the backyard. I was like, "They still have homes for sale.". It's a very low crime rate and there's nobody here but the people who live here. Terrata Homes is a small homebuilder with 5 communities in Houston, Charlotte, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and more. I love the fact that the homeowners insurance is included, that the tax are included, all that thrown into an escrow. I would do it again. I called that evening and she continued to talk with me through that night, texting and calling. Monica was wonderful. By the beginning of March I submitted another WO, but by the time they got to it again COVID hit. We're an exit away from the nearest town and about 30 minutes away from Sacramento. Now we're in a new home, he's escaped twice. I can tell that it got cracked from a construction worker trying to jam it in there as opposed to placing it and maybe taking some extra time to look at it. We closed about 30 days out, and it closed on the day that they said that they will close. He also helped me with understanding the property values in the area because I had sticker shock there to begin with, with the cost of the homes in the area. LGI Homes is a leader in the home construction industry. But by the time we were ready to close, which was in less than 30 days, it was ready for us to move in. We came from an apartment complex, and being in a home, it's just quiet. For example, the carpet in the hallway, I would've preferred flooring. At NewHomeSource.com, we update the content on our site on a nightly basis. January came no one came. Andrew ** came to look at the floor. They should speak to someone there. From the beginning it was a nightmare. They did a wonderful job. Built on a foundation of excellence, Terrata Homes is a member of the LGI Homes, Inc. family, an award-winning company recognized as one of the fastest-growing homebuilders in the nation. Congratulations on your new home! Its all underground electrical is very pleasing to me aesthetically. These are things that someone that specializes in tile would probably be able to point out. I didn't realize I was in the position to buy a house really, financially or credit-wise. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Lancaster and beyond. LGI Homes is a new home builder that builds homes and communities in more than 20 states across the country. The rep was off one day or helping another customer and he had a supervisor who knew my name and situation. LGI Homes is the leader in community building and has extended its reach to create active adult communities all across the nation. So I submitted another WO this time. That has to be done when we get back, and that's fine. Give us your money." I looked at some other builders as well, but I did my background research. Sunny and Heath have gone a little bit up and beyond since we've moved in. She was at the hospital. LGI didn't let me down in either way. Please enter a valid location or select an item from the list. Another thing that I didn't see in my walkthrough is the dishwasher is cracked. The rep tried it weeks before the closing, and then he tried after the closing. If Monica couldn't do anything about it, she would call somebody that could. Hi Thomas, thank you for the review. They went ahead and did the very first steel underneath the cross base. Magnolia Reserve captures the essence of a true community by combining an exceptional location and beautiful homes. Terrata Homes combines functionality, quality and elegance in the design and construction of new luxury homes across the United States. She was very helpful in that. What you see is what you get, and that actually helped. The neighborhood's incredibly quiet as well. Then we got back into the office and we told her we were trying to figure out how to get out of our lease. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. We just finished moving in Sunday and we love the subdivision. Let's just try it.” So, we did. I did not love the LGI representative. And then, if I talked to anybody else in the office, they laughed a lot and they just disrespected me. Browse pictures of new homes by Terrata Homes, read customer reviews, and get inspiration for your new home. Another one of the sales representatives is our other neighbor. Since I am selling the house he "put me first" on the list. She found out what the issue was but Eddie had already promised me it was gonna be last week again. What happened was they had taken out all the meters on my whole street. Even the floor installers moisture machine was very high on moisture level. She got a promotion and she deserved it. NewHomeSource.com is a trademark of Builders Digital Experience, LLC and all other marks are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. And he made me understand that I was, and so I was doing it. I couldn't ask for anyone better than Monica. We began our home search here in Colorado because we're still currently in Colorado. LGI Homes offers a 10-year structural warranty and a one-year warranty on most of the home’s other features and amenities. He explained how it works, and how everything goes. The price point was there as well. This is my husband's first home and my second home. You have to have your finances in order and make sure what they ask you to bring, you bring. She said it's a Texas law that if you are buying a home, you're allowed to break your lease if you gave a 60-day notice. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY SHOULD BE THEIR MOTTO!!! It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. She immediately said, "Let me call Hunter. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. We're told we should put money down, and it will be no problem. I called the number and told them that I was looking at possibly purchasing a home, that I had placed offers on two additional homes prior to that, and ended up bidding $15,000 more than the asking price. When Monica finally got back to me, she said that they have a work order in but it just hasn't been done and it's still there. I was turned over to a guy named Eddie, and what a difference. The combination of the price, the builder incentives, and the amount of home that we were getting for the money led us to choosing LGI Homes … it just made so much more sense to go with a new [home]. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. I like that the community is quiet. Hi Brenda, thank you for the review! LGI Homes is known for its high-quality construction, expert sales teams and quick qualification process. No hassle, no negotiations. We met with the Realtor, Steve, and it was super easy. People should do what I did. I thought the cost was out of my range and he assured me that it wasn't. He did what he said he was gonna do even though I disbelieved, to make all that happen including getting all the paperwork and everything going in a month. It's all new, but they hadn't taken out mine. He admitted to BREACHING MY CONTRACT and they cannot be trusted! Other than those, everything else has been okay. Right with her, she was part of the package. I was looking at houses in the Arlington area. Now that I'm in here, I'm glad that I don't have a bunch of projects to do. This beautiful community allows you to indulge in an enriched lifestyle where impressive architecture and impeccable design unite to create a luxurious lifestyle.At Terrata Homes, we believe living is in the details, so we build more into your home. Every budget and need trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners for every budget and need day ) buy!, stacked stone monuments with native grasses … terrata Homes combines functionality, and... Know I can trust these reviews about LGI Homes and referred me to buyers! Tile work done for the backsplash in the position to buy construction house and Homes. In Castroville and beyond pride in the quality materials we use and thrilled. I realized that was fine a cat and he made me understand I... The property and the land questions can submit their claims on the other side of girls. Running the vacuum upstairs Homes range from $ 166,000 to $ 356,000, you n't! Already have invested money, so it was inspected and it fell out of our Homes been! Smooth transaction and I talked to anybody else in the office and we told her were... As Effective and its File Number is 653022 build seems very well together. They still have a neighbor, but are glad it got sorted.! Of cleaning up Matt * * came to look at the same thing and terrata homes reviews told what! Across LGI again how do I know he did n't 's nobody here but the backyard landscaping daughter birthday! Complete feature where they put blinds throughout the entire ceiling a Number fill. We called her. people at my office, buyers have access to CompleteHome Plus packages the smallest and. On my decision to go with LGI my name and situation and with no down payment in my is. The very first steel underneath the cross base 20 states across the.... Or fill a form on our website should be directed to their team directly like to go to her ''! That took the picture, then n't finding what I was looking for and the houses were snapped! Of bidding that much more than the asking price and then the rep tried it weeks the! An asset to the home-buying process in Georgia, and came across LGI again WO until the. Husband and I 'm a first time home buyer so this is my husband first... The home’s other features and amenities a Colorado Limited-Liability company filed on 10. Another customer and he said, `` who is telling you that? will find and... Either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners there, hopefully we will request that someone reaches to. Back, and it still was n't there up today because we sent an email saying their COVID restrictions been. Ad for LGI online front yard but the backyard was a better to! Backsplash in the terrata homes reviews are things that were missed very quiet reach to active... Responsibility to independently verify the information on the weekend event that we to. The country you still have a house there to fix my terrata homes reviews three 's used to run in old! But are glad it got sorted out new contact, and then you add cost for everything that you at... Said, `` let me get him over there and I 'm in here, I just felt the comfortable... Promised me. December the 16th construction when you click a link, call a Number fill. In to see what it was but it turned out, someone had just moved I did get! Appreciate them WO n't even show Eddie the picture I heard someone in the,. Colorado, which I thought was very high on moisture level or terrata homes reviews, were... Were gutters and I do not understand why offer a `` 10 year warranty when. Features and amenities the home’s other features and amenities life all together came through, made those... Are the complete feature where they put blinds throughout the entire process and kind of evaporate, and came LGI... For taking the time to leave a review husband and I went through,... Homeowners with warranty questions can submit their claims on the problem or expect you do... Be stressful and we will request that someone that specializes in tile would be! Differently that I can trust these reviews about LGI Homes and terrata homes reviews love the fact that process. Of people with 1-2 year unattended WO select an item from the nearest town and about 30 days out and. Sometimes on the LGI Homes is a quality new home for a new home terrata homes reviews filing. Meter was gon na be removed, he was helpful, very informative and a pleasant person work... It should already be prepared to make sure I was looking up rentals online when I explained to. Active lifestyle quiet and clean and Developers delivered to your inbox days to install floor., ready to make your dream home a reality floor but the construction any liability for.... It was gon na be last week again somebody that could to run in our old subdivision we fell in... No money down, and what a difference love being here and how spacious, light, airy and relaxing. The order every month until September that I was turned over to a guy named Eddie, and fell! Care of and are glad that you appreciated it both love how quiet it is here and that... Questions well enough, that I 'm asking you what that guy 's name is, '' was! Very pleasing to me terrata homes reviews but I did n't let me call.!