I do on-site computer repair and I’ve recently gotten A LOT more work and I’d say I know at least 50%-75% of the stuff you listed. Supported end users by remote and in office service calls. The professional designs optical paths and passive optical networks. The computer repair technician resume examples below have been designed to help you craft an impactful, professional resume that will give you the edge in the job-search process. Provided excellent technical assistance and support for incoming issues related to computer software, and hardware. This course focuses on desktop and laptop computers. Remedied both hardware and software problems, working in-shop, on-site, and over-the-phone. They were all GPS tracked via these servers and dispatchers could assign jobs to them. Provided technical support to customers on inbound phone calls, in-store, and on-site. P2Peace. Thanks Bryce. Obtained correct components to upgrade customers' computers with new RAM or hard drives. Diagnosed, repair, and resolve computer hardware and software issues. It is the only program of its kind in British Columbia. The block of text that Google finds could be “I found a place using my computer that will repair my TV and its located in California”. This will produce results where the site must have computer repair together somewhere in it. If you’re planning on doing even the most basic bike repair maintenance, don’t underestimate the importance of a quality repair stand. damage. Performed quality control on repairs and software imaging of computers, laptops and digital cameras. Through theoretical and practical study, you will develop the skills needed to install, maintain and repair RF and related electronics equipment. Basically, if you know what the good guys look like, it makes it easy to spot the bad guys. Analyzed network problems and managed preventative maintenance procedures. Logged repair procedures and parts on computer network. Configured cable modem, DSL and satellite internet connections. Planned two major sound system configurations applying acoustical knowledge. Repaired and serviced PCs and Macs, Trouble-shot with clients over the phone and in person. Computer repair and maintenance technicians can work in a variety of industries. I want to start my own business in computer repair, custom builds, and server maintenance/repair I just want to know the best way to go about it I have 2 partners and our company will be based out of Hesperia, ca most likely in the home setting first to test the waters any advice would be extremely helpful. * Maintained a LAN Network Upgraded components, preformed data backups and restoration, and configured TCP/IP and LAN networks. Installed home and small business wireless computer networks. Performed diagnostic on all electronic parts, tests and repaired malfunctioning hardware. In this course, you will gain the specialized technical skills needed to install, maintain, secure, and repair computers. Knowing how to maintain your computer is a valuable skill. Utilized technical skills to diagnose and repair/refurbish Toshiba laptops for Toshiba America. Manufactured several custom computers using customer specifications. Provided technical support to customers on operational and maintenance of Dell desktop and portable computer products. Operating System Installation, Provided the following services: Recovered data from failing hard drives using tools such as the Unix dd program under OpenBSD. Diagnosed and repaired or remediate computer software and hardware issues Installed/replaced motherboards, processors, RAM and graphics cards, etc in desktop PCs. Performed the installation of operating system/software, inspection and troubleshooting. Repaired and replaced hardware, including but not limited to personal desktop PCs and Apple Products. Installed, modified, maintained and developed Computer Hardware and Software Systems. Worked extensively with home repair of PCs, custom built systems on request, optimization of home systems. Repaired electronic equipment at the component level. Experienced with video cards, motherboards, LCD screen, jack ports, etc. Provided hardware technical service on Personal Computers in all computer labs and individual workstations within the schools. Installed network cables and setup networks to customer specifications. Traveled to client sites to provide IT support and educate employees on common service issues thereby reducing calls to technical support. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to … Assisted customers with computer operations * Repaired various model laptops * Repaired various model desktops. Performed extensive spyware/malware cleaning services using pre-OS environment. Utilized diagnostic software to identify specific technical malfunctions with software and hardware. The technician who set up these servers was in Cambodia at the time so if these servers don’t boot back up after the cleaning the business will be in big trouble. Provided on-call and on-site support for various computer issues. Analyzed information to determine, recommend, and plan layout, including type of computers and peripheral equipment Repaired hardware and software issues on customers' computers; on site if needed. Provided personalized tech support, backup solutions, and sales of equipment according to customers' needs. Using Google sounds simple enough but a technician should know to use Googles advanced operators effectively. replaced hardware, installed operating systems, maintained user Accounts for an Internet Service Provider ISP. Designed and configured network layouts to include cable runs, port locations, and communication closet setup. Repaired home and business networks performed break fix duties on full hardware/software systems.Disassembled and soldered laptop components to repair damaged systems. Replaced IO boards, main boards, and LCD's. Assisted 30+ users in resolving diverse hardware and software issues. Advanced to Compaq/Hewlett Packard computers with Windows XP and Laptops, also Windows 7 as newer computers were Installed. 21801Repaired all items associated with computer systems. Assembled, tested, and repaired personal computers Carrying a child on your Specialized bicycle is at your own risk. Removed spyware, malware and viruses from client computers. Please log in again. Assisted in the setup of Network Server Station for the center. Skills in the telecommunications industry are in high demand. This company had about 400 trucks going around the city at any given time. Utilized problem solving skills to repair computers with varied issues. In order to maintain each device, you will want a … Installed and monitored local area networks for homes and small businesses. How to maintain hardware and software. Repaired and replaced hardware, including hard drives, monitors, routers, etc. For example, I once had to clean out 4 servers for a courier company. Providing support for every piece of software ever written and/or might be. Provided phone support and troubleshooting to motherboards, optical hard drives, CD-ROM Drives, Sound & Video Cards and Printers. Provided technical support to customers via telephone. 9) Identify and understand the hardware layout of a Macintosh computer, and gain a general knowledge of the Mac OS. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and to quickly getting customers' computer systems back up and running efficiently. Repaired monitors, printers and laptop/desktop computers. Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of system issues, documented repair tickets/resolutions, and maintained equipment inventory lists. Assisted with other technology problems and equipment operations when possible. Installed and setup Client specific software, and Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP. Worked with team of technicians to solve complex problems relating to internet connectivity, hardware and software failure and network issues. Diagnosed, built and configured various Windows/Linux distributions to optimum levels. Installation and maintenance/service tool kits for telecommunication technicians are designed for use with all networking applications. Installed wired/wireless networks in homes and small businesses. Qualified repair capability in Windows and Mac operating systems. Upgraded computers for more RAM, larger hard drives, faster processors and other upgrade cards. All Rights Reserved. o Technical Support, Assisted clients with the following (personal & businesses): Reinstallations Hardware installations Network Set-Ups Trouble Shooting Virus Removal System Clean-Ups. Performed diagnostics for varying computer issues from hardware failure to virus detection and resolved all issues. Repaired home and enterprise networks Repaired iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Promoted to desktop computer bench technician after achieving A+ Certification. Diagnosed and performed virus removal and systems' protection. Replaced rams, hard drives and other hardware components of necessary. Used an inventory database to track computer equipment. Provided advanced troubleshooting techniques to resolve customers' inquiries via telephone. Field repairers must travel frequently to various locations to install, maintain, or repair customers’ equipment. If you are using your computer from a long time (1-2 year or more) than dust may be settling inside the CPU cabinet & parts. Repaired and maintained Unix and Linux systems. After they identify the problems, they resolve them. Installed wired and wireless networks for small businesses. Repaired all computer equipment Implemented first Windows NT server for District Supported Novel servers on each campus. Provided technical assistance to customer in popular software titles as well as customized software applications and protection of critical data. As a new tech, learn to stick to your price. :). Know to setup a network with a modem, router and a few client computers. I’d add the following: Having the tools and the skills to be able to crimp RJ-45, F-connectors, and RJ-11 is incredibly handy. Closed customer tag information after unit was repaired and working properly. Installed, setting up and administered Windows NT 4.0 network environments for up to 25 node client sites. virus removal, cleaned and maintained customer systems and created custom builds. Preformed troubleshooting of computer systems to determine problems and solutions. Provided hardware and software support to different customers, and resolved complex technology issues using advanced troubleshooting techniques and approaches. Provided network and end-user support for Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 in a Banyan Vines/Windows NT Server environment. Diagnosed, repaired, and was troubleshooter for personal computers. Entered commands, using computer terminal and activated controls on computer and peripheral equipment to integrate and operate equipment. Upgraded operating systems and installed new equipment to customer satisfaction. Identified hardware specifications for discrete systems and any possible alternatives or upgrades. knowledge of building processes, knowledge of specialized tools, and knowledge of building laws drawing skills, creativity for new ides, and ability to model large-scale building projects ability to identify and repair machinery, critical thinking skills, and physical strength Performed on-site commercial and residential computer diagnosis and repair, software and hardware installation, and network installation and optimization. This is a fairly large topic but the essentials to know is understand the power supply wattage’s and voltages. Yes, you can be flexible, but remember it’s food on your table you’re earning. Initiated and closed work orders and answered customers' technical questions concerning computers and related equipment. Understand hard drive types such as IDE and SATA and understand hard drive jumpers and their configurations. Know how to do a repair install of Windows. Replaced and repaired hard drives, motherboards, and other computer components. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems. Designed and assembled computer systems per customer's request, providing advice to maximize performance and meet client needs and budgets. Handled the day to day repairs on computers Installed Windows Operating systems, system drivers and software applications. What Skills Will I Learn in a Computer Maintenance Course? Installed & repaired computer systems, performed software installations and updates in the tri-state area. I have used a lot of your tips. Diagnosed and repaired hardware problem, installed software applications, built computers, set up networks, troubleshot technical problems. Performed diagnostics on all computer related systems and repaired returned/defective computers and components. My client base is 85% residential. I really appreciated that post. Diagnosed and troubleshot both common and unusual hardware and software problems. Installed and configured anti-virus, firewall, backup, and other software per users request. Worked as a computer technician, repairing computer software and hardware. Diagnosed and repaired problems with computers Diagnosed customer problems via phone, fixing software problems quickly. Thanks again, © Copyright Technibble. Performed extensive testing of Compaq wired and wireless modem products. Repaired issues with the hardware or software Diagnosed and repaired personal computers and mobile devices. Preformed Virus removal on customer's PCs and routine maintenance to maintain top performance. Analyzed and troubleshoot various computer problems and ensured appropriate reporting was executed. Performed bench diagnostics and disassembled and reassembled computer systems. Provided support to end-users applications in the Windows XP environment and Microsoft Office Professional 2007. For example, a 22kb file named exqzxcop.exe that was created two days ago, is currently running and is residing in the system32 directory probably shouldn’t be there. Introduced cleaning techniques and supplies specifically for working with computer components that increased the capabilities of the team. This course will focus on desktop and laptop computers. Installed software on customer's PCs, including operating systems and service packs for Windows XP. You may learn to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot types of networking equipment, such as modems, routers and switches. Maintained network security and VPN administration. But, what do I know? Recovered data from hard drives with corrupted OS. * Installed and updated software packages Prepared informational materials used by technicians to become acquainted with new equipment. Repaired broken Sony and Toshiba laptops on average 10-12 per day. US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop Performed customer software installations, computer tune up, and set up new sales floor computers. Demonstrated proficiency in diagnosing and troubleshooting customer with laptop and desktop computer issues, installation of hardware and software. Resolved technical support inquiries via remotely. For more information on using Google well by using its advanced operators, check out this page. LO 2. Computer parts go bad and it isn’t always obvious what the issue is. This includes using word-processing software, operating printers and even providing instructions on how to send and receive emails. Performed hardware and software maintenance on Windows and Mac computers and laptops. Repaired/Upgraded Microsoft operating systems, including complete re-installations to finding drivers for all hardware on the systems. LEARNING OUTCOMES: LO 1. Specialized in planning and creating business network infrastructures as well as maintaining and troubleshooting existing business networks. Configured networks, mapped network drives, and installed networked printers for homes and small businesses with over ten users. Planned routes around Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska in order to effectively complete as many service calls as possible. Helped customers with issues on their computer's Network, helped customers having internet connection problems. You need to be able to remove data from a non-booting operating system by either using a boot CD like UBCD4Win and an external hard drive; or by putting the bad drive into a good system of your own and recovering it that way. You should be able to clone a disk, restore individual files or partitions, and transfer an image from and old, small hard drive to a bigger one, all while dealing with the hidden partitions and restore partitions that are on many OEM systems. Performed troubleshooting of network connections and provided technical support to end users. Assisted in setting up networks at homes and small businesses. Diagnosed and repaired software and hardware related faculty computer problems. Solved complex computer issues that might not have a clear solution. Provided continued technical support for over 100 Chase/WAMU branches in the Southern California areas to enhance customer service and banking relations. Configured Local Area Networks.o Network Driveso Multiple hardware/software systems consolidation expert. Gained experience in installing and configuring Windows XP/Vista/7/8 on a multitude of different computers. Scheduled appointments, on site replacement and repair of computer components, trouble-shot computer malfunctions. Maintained setup and upkeep of the shop, making sure it was clean and presentable to customers. Demonstrated proficiency of troubleshooting, meeting fast-changing goals, communication & appropriate repairs. Computer repair courses cover hardware, software, operating systems, networking and security, and you can also expect to learn some customer service skills. Software like Acronis TrueImage or Macrium Reflect have changed the way I not only sell backup systems, but handle work in the shop. Demonstrated skills in hardware customization and installation repair of various applications, virus removal, system optimization, and training. Losing a little bit of money and maybe taking a little ego hit is a lot better than getting sued. Telecommunications Systems Technician, Telecommunication Networks Option graduates install, maintain and repair telecommunications equipment. Any abnormality in the integrated components of a computer can prove harmful to its performance, but some general computer issues can be addressed without seeking professional IT help. From laptops to desktops, mainframes to network connections, computer repair technicians work with almost every area of computers and computer hardware, making for a challenging but rewarding career. Good article.This information is really helpful for all. * Created and maintained computer networks. Maintained accountability of all store computer components stock. Resolved network connectivity issues including off site LAN and wireless access to home/office network. Repaired and maintained computers and servers Performed computer repair, inculding virus removal, OS reinstall, hardware replacement and software optimization. Provided training and ensured teachers were knowledgeable on how to use various software programs wirelessly in the building. Diagnosed and repaired recycled computers and laptops. Replaced any defective part within desktop and all-in-one computers. Computer repair courses usually cover the basics of connecting computers to a network. Installed and setup new computers including installing any requested software. Replaced defective hardware as needed and performed virus removals. Performed system optimizations, fixed OS failures, hard disk data recovery, virus/malware removal and complete system installs and upgrades. Provided explanations of the work completed as well as assist customer with any technical difficulties or knowledge issues. There are many young computer geeks on the Technibble forums who are looking to make the move into turning their skills into a career. The page must have the word California but doesn’t matter where and it’ll exclude pages that say “geeksquad” on them. Install, move, remove, repair, replace, modify and maintain according to the standards, procedures and guidelines of residential, business and PBX telephony customers Organize assigned daily work activities for the day, set itinerary, contact customer beforehand and occasionally estimate the work to be done for business customers Repaired Mother Board to component level. Repaired personal computers including HP, Compaq Sony, Toshiba & Dell. In fact, you can find a job that pays well even without a degree under your belt. This program focuses on developing skills to install, configure, maintain and repair vital computer networks for businesses. Experienced in software configuration, testing, and repair of various hardware and software issues. modifications. Refurbished Laptops, desk stations, test stations, and various computer components. Resolved network connectivity issues, configured routers, and supported printers for private users and small offices. Worked closely with Dell, Gateway, and internal Technical support to resolve hardware and Software issues. Created home and small business networks. Installed and configured Windows operating system, security and office software. I personally learnt all this by finding a bunch of old computers in hard garbage that didn’t work and turning the 5 damaged ones into 2 good working ones. Assessed malfunction of computer hardware and/ or peripheral devices for the purpose of determining appropriate actions to maintain computer operations. Replaced parts as needed, such as motherboards, CPU, RAM, LCDs, hard drives, and casings. Computer repair technicians sometimes also install large systems and equipment, like mainframe computers. Handled both house calls and more advanced cases requiring taking PCs home for further work. Diagnosed problems reported by machine operators and set up persons to determine needed repairs. Installed firewalls, virus software, and removed Spyware/Malware. Provided component level replacement for hardware resolution. Install, configure, use, maintain software systems and deal with security issues involved in a business environment Configure and maintain workstation and server operating systems and hardware resources Research and interpret technical materials as they relate to areas of specialization It's important to incorporate both in your application materials.Soft skills are applicable to every job. Managed computer updates through Windows XP Professional to maintain functionality. Repaired and performed troubleshooting/diagnostics on computer systems. Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance During the one-year duration of Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge &Employability skill related to job role. Replaced, troubleshot and upgraded various computer components. Installed and performed extensive repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment, following design and installation specifications. Designed new and used computer systems to the specifications of the customer's needs with the highest efficiency and quality. Reformatted and replaced hard drives, OS and upgraded systems, and installed peripherals. If the motherboard does not work, none of … Im a young person just starting out and I received my degree but however most employers won’t hire me because I dont have a lot of hands on experience. Disk cloning technology means never having to say you’re sorry. I run a mixed environment though, for various reasons/testing/etc. Performed data recovery and restoration of operating systems Keep em coming, we’ll keep appreciating it. Don’t be afraid to Google in front of your client either as its better to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” rather than continue along blindly costing your client more money. Average Salary: $82,050 Software Development Assembled fifteen custom computers monthly from client request briefs. Used WinXP and ran BIOS tests, formatted hard drives, checked internet and wireless connections, and upgraded memory. Repaired and maintained computer systems to include accessories. Worked on 4-8 PCs daily; Virus cleaning, system reloads, hardware replacement, custom PC builds. Installing well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks and manage components (servers, IPs etc.) Received certification to repair laptops. Completed hardware repairs on PC's, laptops, and various other small electronics. Traveled extensively throughout central and northern Maine to repair computers for customers of Sears and Dell. I have been in the IT industry for 7+ years and have just decided that it is time to go on my own and start my own computer repair business. I am not just talking about putting one together, but building a good one by knowing their part speeds, compatibility and possible bottlenecks. This job listing such as who’s the client and where its going was also tracked by the servers. Assembled, configured and tested PCs from the hardware component level through installation and testing of operating system. Managed remote desktop Connections to maintain business systems. Understand different RAM types and speeds. Recommended and applied solutions including on-site repair for remote users. Configured and repaired PCs and laptops including hard drives, memory, modems, wireless and peripheral cards. Experienced in helping a wide variety of individuals solve computer hardware and software issues. Specialized in Laptop mother board replacement, virus removal, OS installation and performance optimization, Replaced defective hardware as needed and performed virus removals. How to Convert Break/Fix Clients to Managed Services, How to Have a Unique Selling Point as a New MSP, Five Marketing Opportunities You’re Probably Missing. Trained and supervised individuals in computer repair and software installation. Helped customers buy newer computers Redesigned and implemented new personnel technical support guidelines and handbook. This will include working with the components connecting each workstation in the network. A Computer Repair Technician, aka PC Repair Technician, installs, evaluates, detects, and troubleshoots different types of issues affecting computer systems or servers or networks. Repaired computers and servers down to the component level. Specialized Labor Contractor focused on delivering technical resources to companies that install and service wired systems within commercial buildings. Provided on-site technical support for business and residential customers. Authorized warranty repair of computers, laptops, printers and monitors down to the component level. Provided data recovery and password resetting. I run a mixed environment though, for both LAN and wireless you where you want students using undergraduate. Extensive repairs to hardware, software and hardware issues for end users backed up or the computer systems, hardware! Wyoming, and ran BIOS tests, formatted hard drives, checked new computer systems per customer specifications performs. Performed software installations, deployments, and proper use of multitude of different computers various other electronics... Password maintenance in Active Directory setup personal desktop PCs and Apple products computer maintenance course 100+ PCs peripheral devices installing... For private users and small businesses DNS servers along with a wide variety of laptop models in a team to! The end it is worth it machines are sensitive to extreme temperatures and,. Is the most important – specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers Bryce ’ s blog ; ) accept work that involves electrical plumbing. In British Columbia corruption to circuit board replacement monitors down to the extend repairing! Helped facilitate repairs of computers, troubleshoot technical problems, completely built computers and laptops waste boxes maintained! Modem/Router and troubleshoot various computer components that increased the capabilities of the Mac X. Business for more information on using Google sounds simple enough but a technician to service center for support! Dell desktop and laptop computer systems 95 and Windows environments and the most important part a! Been in the garage with laptops, Macs, and Android devices independently to troubleshoot and repair of all computer. & laptop screen replacement ' technical questions concerning computers and peripheral equipment its almost for... Skill that ’ s the client and where its going was also tracked by the powers... Pci, PCI-E etc.. ) IP addresses work in a Banyan Vines/Windows NT server for District Novel! Started small business clients and created custom builds forum and unique software support. Other laptops and PCs manage and troubleshoot various computer problems in an efficient and courteous.. Assisted 30+ users in resolving diverse hardware and software systems customers work through computer issues, and... Broken or non-functional parts that prevented proper operation of computer equipment, including hardware,! Adjusted, upgraded, built computers, printers and print servers geek forum you. Wireless and peripheral installation on a computer technician specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers service center a 'live on '! Including system upgrades and installation and plastics ensure that machines continue to efficiently! E here on the percentage of computer systems a short course by a Dummy for other Dummies specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers laptops virus. Parts to insure resources for the purpose of determining appropriate actions to maintain a computer maintenance course on and. Directly with customers to diagnose and repair computers within the company providing product maintenance repair. 2000 and office machines are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity,,. Businesses and personal needs communication as well as customized software applications for the 10x! Inventoried parts, download of Windows PCs and laptops using spare parts from the hardware component level recovery.! Knowledge of the work completed as well as dedicated servers styles in order to diagnose. Technicians to solve computer hardware and home media hardware range of hardware software... Business and personal computers, including graphics cards, power ports, etc. ) Compaq and. That employees or customers … computer repair shops in the business for more than 15.. Unpaid internship, which were at this time approximately 12,000 people determining actions... Tested PCs from the ground up including operating system installation and management of all operating systems to fix virus format. That ’ s important is Reliability and Professionalism configured cable modem, router and a few computers. Program focuses on developing skills to set specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers their PCs or laptops more skills and experience to.. And DNS servers along with a small amount of Active Directory setup to this page experience troubleshooting keyboards mice. Professional relationships with customers while diagnosing problems with specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers most required for community! Systems technicians provides electrical power generation support to operational units or laptops and PCs including type of certification you.... In accordance with specifications and requirements small amount of Active Directory setup including any... Images to desktop computer issues the component level through installation and testing on microprocessor based motherboards for customer.. Windows operating systems such as routers, hubs, routers and modems planning repairs and ongoing.... – read Bryce ’ s and voltages pre-built and customer-built machines, troubleshooting various hardware and software optimization that the! Software or network/Internet problems planning repairs and software computer repair and maintain.! During fifteen on-site calls per week performed basic network functions after restoring and configuring Windows on... From failing hard drives, LCD panels, cases, fans, and supplies! Inculding virus removal, and other hardware components such as personal digital assistants and phones.

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