Unable to answer, Boruto questioned Kawaki about his, and was horrified that someone would so shamelessly sacrifice countless kids to succeed in marking just one in Kawaki. When Tsunade arrived, they claimed to be travelling performers. Naruto heard Boruto's stomach grumbling, leading to Naruto buying them dinner at Ramen Ichiraku. Determined to get back at Naruto for breaking his promise, Boruto asks Sasuke to make him his student. Later, the team managed to trick Kokuri intro revealing that he had donated the money he stole from the Mujina Bandits, prompting Boruto to promise to get Kokuri to Konoha safety. Suddenly, Naruto knocked Isshiki away from his son before he released last-ditch strategy of transforming into a new form. If you haven’t heard, Boruto came into a schedule shift not long ago. Later, Shino assigned his class to tail other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life. So, clearly, there is renewed interest in Boruto. Entering the village, the shinobi discovered victims of the attacks were sick and covered in juinjutsu, during which the villagers found an unconscious Jūgo. The mission became even more difficult when they were attacked by bandits and stole Tonsuke. The skirmish is stopped by Shizuma Hoshigaki, who applauded Boruto and Iwabee for having guts before walking off with Hassaku. Naruto sent one of his shadow clones to train with Boruto and the two spar. While managing to separate Moegi Kazamatsuri from her team, Boruto and Sarada were subdued by the genin. Momoshiki's manifestation gains access to flight and augment Boruto's techniques tremendously, able to unleash a massive Rasengan on the same scale as the Parent and Child Rasengan. Boruto appears to be influenced by the famous movie character, Kagemasa, as he mimics the hero's attitude while wearing a replica of the character's visor. Mitsuki told Boruto that they can stop the creature if they kill the summoner. After Naruto regained consciousness, Jiraiya began taring the pair of genin. Boruto manifesting Momoshiki through his Kāma. The following day, Boruto, along with Inojin and Shikadai found Metal Lee, who was acting unusually aggressive. Even their marriage was left unconfirmed in the Naruto series and was only acknowledged later in the Boruto series. Shortly after, they encounter Ao, who questions them on what they learned inside the blimp. In the anime, some time later, Team 7 and the genin of Team 15 went on a mission to investigate attacks on a village from its wildlife. When Momoshiki fades away into mist, time resumes for everyone and they return to Konoha. As Katasuke examined the boy, he determined that Kawaki was in fact the result of an unprecedented Ninja Tech, as his entire being was modified. Kakashi pointed out the hardships he had to endure, and envied Boruto for growing up in a peaceful time with loved ones, so he wasn't alone. He revealed that Shizuma and his followers not only conspired with the Land of Waves, but also killing various people in Kirigakure who learned of his plans and refused to help him. She desired to use the Hashirama Cell on herself under the misguided delusion that it would let her live forever and even more, restore her youth and former beauty. Shukaku seals itself in a tea kettle in order to not be sensed, leading to Gaara entrusting Boruto alongside with Shinki and Kankurō with escorting the tailed beast to Konoha. After succeeding, they learned that one of the prison's special access cards was missing for three days. Boruto demonstrated "his" Rasengan to Sasuke again. As the group began to approach the Land of Earth's border, Shikadai had Inojin and Chōchō to return to the village to report their findings. Realising that Victor was using Anato for his own gain, Boruto decided to reveal the truth about Victor's goals, despite Sarada's protest. IIRIC (If I Read It Correctly), he is just asking for a confirmation whether he get Naruto's age during the events correctly. Iwabe is an older student who has a keen sense for battle, but was held back a year for his bad behavior. Following Chamaru who was trailing Konohamaru's scent, they discover the two missing jōnin in a cave. That night, the newly graduated genin teams are given section assignments in regards to handling the protesters by Kōtarō Fūma before departing. Once activated, the mark stretches and expands to cover his entire arm and the right side of his face in a series of elegant lines. Upon throwing the technique, the nature transformation abruptly activates, turning it invisible, and tricks the opponent into letting their guard down as sufficient damage is inflicted when it makes contact. As the Konoha-nin began to tire, Kokuri saw through the enemy technique's weakness to light, giving the Konoha-nin the knowledge they needed to overpower and defeat their foe. Naruto told Boruto to take Himawari and run but before this could happen, Delta arrived before them. Naruto, however, reminded him that as Hokage the entire village is like his family and as such, he couldn't always make time for his children; asking that Boruto endure the hardship of their frequent separation. At the prison, while Sarada posed as a reporter, Boruto and Mitsuki posed as thieves. After explaining the situation, the groups worked together to hunt down the true culprits, who were deduced to be shinobi from the Land of Haze. [3] Even when a friend was revealed to be an enemy, he remained determined to help bring them back from their dark path. The next day, all missions were suspended due to an attack at the villages gate, which Boruto and Sarada eventually learned involved Mitsuki, who was being branded as a traitor, as well as him being the son of Orochimaru. Suddenly, there was an earthquake coming from the company's main building. Upon the group arriving at a foggy canyon, three women orchestrated trials for Boruto to go through in order for the genin to gain entrance into Ryūchi Cave. After cancelling each others' Rasengan, Konohamaru is engulfed in Koji's flames, resulting in Boruto's Kāma unconsciously activating, which then absorbs the fūinjutsu and the flames. This dōjutsu grants him the ability to detect things generally unseen by a normal eye. Boruto attempted an all-or-nothing Rasengan strike on Deepa, but the man easily endured it. were later called to the training field by Shino for an extracurricular class. Travelling by train to Ryūtan City, the group encountered Ao, who lectured Boruto about Scientific Ninja Tools, leading to him changing his views on it and respecting the man. As Sekiei struggled to dodge Garaga's assault, his body suddenly gave out. The Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to hold him off as Boruto and Sarada went on ahead. Pain is trying to get all of the tailed beasts once he does … He also appears to enjoy drawing a lot, while seemingly oblivious to his poor skill for it. From then on, he vowed never to anger her again. Kiri explained that the shinobi were attacking the village to pressure her into handing them the deed to the village's bridge. He first uses this mode in … Proud of himself for succeeding, Boruto encouraged him to keep practice to find his own path. Shino then revealed that everyone's headbands were in fact Konoha forehead protectors, proof of their full-fledged status. Realising that this duo was working with the Land of Rivers' researchers, they concluding that the outbreak must have been started by them. Going after him while Mitsuki faced Sekiei, the pair faced Kirara and her giant Akuta. Main article: Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc Boruto and Denki then depart with the bullies and take the carriage to the Academy's entrance ceremony, where they manage to crash it into his father's stone face, leading to him receiving a two-week suspension. Back in the village, as Boruto was still nursing his injured hand, he and his friends found Denki setting up an experiment to improve radio communications. The top two spots on Fuji TV’s daily counter belong to sports programs, and it is Boruto in the third spot. Boruto threatened to kill himself with a kunai if Isshiki didn't back down. Overall, Boruto's unwavering loyalty to his friends have continually proven to be a strong influence to all around him, many even noting that he has become the foundation for his friends as he is determined to keep his friends together. Boruto is the first child of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, receiving a younger sister Himawari two years later. Upon arriving at their destination, they unexpectedly encountered Sumire, and later, complete the other half of their mission involving testing out Scientific Ninja Tools. Boruto's birthdate was revealed in a Weekly Shonen Jump calendar that came with issue 6-7, 2019. Overall, he bears a great resemblance to his father, though he has also inherited facial features from his mother, such as the shape of her face and eyes. When researchers from the Land of Rivers asked for information, Boruto lied and said they knew nothing. Acknowledging that Naruto was too well-guarded for Urashiki to go after, Boruto deduced Urashiki was after an artefact recently found that bore the Ōtsutsuki symbol. Boruto and his friends also began teaching him about ninjutsu when he took an interest in it. His attributes are: 160 in dexterity, 140 in chakra, 130 in perception, 120 in strength, and 90 in intelligence and negotiation. One of the only people Boruto looks up to is Sasuke, Naruto's best friend and right-hand man. On the outside, Boruto and the others were attacked by Mujin second-in-command, Tsukiyo. Upon arriving at his grandfather's home, the doting grandfather quickly smothered his grandchildren in hugs, which was quickly repeated by their equally doting aunt Hanabi. Together, the team was able to rescue Tonsuke while capturing the bandits and securing the gekkōran to complete their mission. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was. Not only is the show steady in ratings, its status as a sequel has given it renewal armor. The man explained that he is able to manipulate all the carbon is around him, including in his own body to become invulnerable. That included me exclaiming, “Choji, you look old!” Plus, you get a good introduction to Boruto … Despite all of his gripes with his father, Boruto based a lot of his own style on Naruto's. The next day, Boruto and Kawaki began getting on the other's nerves, soon coming to blows which eventually activated their Kāma. As Boruto insists he is clueless to such a thing, Shojoji resumes his attack, only to be subdued and knocked out by Mitsuki and Sarada respectively. Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, the series ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. They started training the next day. Sarada Uchiha. Having found a lost girl from Daidai Village they returned the child home, during which they felt that something was wrong, and snuck back into Remon's home to talk with her. Having heard rumours that Konoha-nin killed Lady Sakuya and stole the Hashirama Cell, they interrogated the genin. Upon returning to the Land of Valleys, they met Mia and gave her Anato's ring. She insisted that she should be thanking him, as she got a lot out of the experience and now decided that she wanted to be Hokage; Boruto, however, scoffed at the idea. Later, they along with Mitsuki find several of the girls confronting Magire Kakuremino, a shy boy that is a student from a different class. Later, Boruto gave Tentō the Seventh Hokage card he was missing for his collection. As he follows him onto a Thunder Rail carriage, Boruto stops Denki from taking revenge on the bullies from the previous day and divert the carriage from crashing. Along the way, the three were intercepted by Urashiki puppets, leading to Kankurō facing the threat alone while Boruto and Shinki went on ahead. While Sarada and Mitsuki go off to capture the opposing team's flag, Boruto defends their own, believing he and his four shadow clones give him an advantage over the other team's three members. Fans may be concerned about Boruto given its latest arc, but there is still plenty more for the series to explore. After Boruto talked a would-be terrorist into giving up during a team mission at the Konoha Bank, they discovered it's vault was robbed during the distraction, which Sarada deduced was accomplished using Ice Release. While Konohomaru stopped her from using them, the explosive tags went off, causing a landslide, which the Konoha-nin quickly saved the spectators from. When the toy's head was ripped off in the ensuing tug-of-war, Himawari awakened her Byakugan and attacked Boruto in her anger, despite his vehement apologies. Boruto's team then receive a call from the Seventh Hokage, noting that Konohamaru and his partner Mugino went missing during a mission nearby, and tasked them with searching for the pair. Deciding to get help from their classmates to better patrol the village, they left the post office, anticipating that the culprit controlling the Ghost would go after the post chief Komame. That night, Boruto received a custom shuriken as a present from Naruto and the two decided to train together for the remainder of the evening. During the interrogation, Amado's glasses suddenly projected a battle between Koji and a weakened Jigen. As they helped him sensei, he explained how the God Tree was not seen since the Fourth Shinobi World War. As he was about to prepare for his mission, he noticed the ultra rare trading card he desired was in his pocket. There, they were approached by Deepa. Returning home, Boruto promises Himawari that he'll make sure that Naruto comes home for her upcoming birthday. He explained the situation of the new holiday and decided to back off on training with Sarada so she could enjoy the holiday with her travelling father. Boruto later rushes back home with Mitsuki when his Kāma inadvertently activated, feeling something bad happened to Kawaki. Because Naruto had other responsibilities that he needed to focus on, his adviser, Shikamaru Nara, caught Boruto with his Shadow Imitation Technique so as to bring the game to an end. BoruSara (Japanese ボルサラ BoruSara) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha.BoruSara is the most popular couple of the Next Generation. As Boruto attempted to correct him, their conversation is interrupted by Garō, who gets into a fight with Kawaki. As classes continued, Mitsuki continued to show noticeable interest in Boruto, ultimately asking if he can join him for dinner at his house, which he agreed to. Once they defeated him, Shino ends up rescuing Mitsuki and Boruto who were on the verge of drowning in their attempt to defeat Shino. Sasuke Uchiha . Still, his arrogance has made him put no value in teammates or teamwork, believing he can do anything on his own. While Boruto recuperates at home later, Naruto visits him in person to state his pride in him and encourage him not to lose to Shikadai; Boruto remarks afterwards that Naruto's brief words could have been put in an email, but he is nevertheless moved to tears by his father coming to see him. From his battle against Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Boruto ultimately came to see his father in a new light, both admiring his might as a shinobi yet still having such an equally selfless nature to protect the village. He's more known for his ingenious innovation during battle … Boruto, however, insisted that it is not about a wounded ego, but rather he saw Deepa as a wall to his growth as a ninja. Mitsuki then revealed he knew who the culprit was. Hanabi then stepped in, insisting to spar Boruto herself, which was agreed. Naruto present Team 7 their first mission which involved aiding Green Banks against bandits. During the Genin Exams, Boruto easily passed the written test. Afterwards, Boruto bought some Shinobi collecting cards before Lee arrived and told him that Konohamaru required his presence at the Hokage building. During the match, though he teamed up with Sarada against Shinki, their opponent managed to defeat Sarada, before Boruto relied on using his Kote to overpower Shinki's Iron Sand to win. in … Thinking Shikadai is an enemy, they fought until Shikadai released the genjutsu. When they returned, Boruto was shocked to learn Mirai's mission ended up saving several girls from remnants of the near-forgotten Jashin cult. Attempting to defeat him with another Rasengan, Boruto's mark painfully spread, leading to him becoming paralysed and Shojoji becoming horrified at the thought of him being part of a certain organisation. Accompanied with the Four Kage, the group departed through Sasuke's portal. Boruto is very intrigued by the device. Eventually, Tentō showed off his near-complete collection of shinobi collecting cards. While Team 7 is stationed in their position, Boruto noticed Team 10 breaking formation, leading to him investigating the matter. Later, when Boruto learned he was the only genin that not on the mission to hunt Urashiki due to Urashiki's vendetta against Boruto, Sasuke suggested that he work with Boruto as a two-man team while staying within the village, which Naruto agreed to. Kawaki is the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki,… He soon met Iwabee, who views Boruto negatively. As Tosaka exposited his motivations and Boruto admonished him for his treatment of Jūgo, Jūgo broke free of his restraints and begged Boruto to flee. Boruto reached for Sumire and convinced her to join in escaping. Deciding to put Boruto to the test, he arranged for Boruto to face off against Shojoji in a police facility, believing the convict would be the perfect opponent to test Boruto's progress. Bolt Uzumaki . Much to Boruto's shock, the celebrity had become very fat. The movie, Boruto: Naruto the Movie, only sets a premise for the new series and the events covered in it take place later on in the series. Jūgo defeated Tosaka and freed Boruto, leading to him targeting the genin. As Boruto continued to struggle free from the Sixth's hold, his fellow classmates provided enough distraction for him to escape. Boruto reluctantly agreed. Ep 129: After being transported in the past, Boruto and Sasuke trying to find young Naruto before Urashiki arrives and run right into him! They found Jūgo struggling to contain another transformation, but due to his shots being missing at his compound, Jūgo transformed and rampaged to the village. Eventually, Chōchō was able to reach Magire, noting that such an indecisive nature will never win anyone over. In the anime, Boruto and Himawari shared a belated birthday dinner, with Naruto even appearing in person instead of sending a shadow clone. While they began making progress, completing the task still proved difficult. Topping the list is Kawaki, who is a member of the Uzumaki family for now. While Ōnoki told his son to gently takes the prisoners away, Boruto and the others chose to resist, and a fight ensured, during which Boruto fled with Ōnoki after saving him from being crushed. And now, having been stuck on people’s minds for almost 13 years, hearing the word “Shippûden” only pinpoints long-time viewers and first-time Naruto viewers to the one and only Naruto franchise. He led them through an underground network that the children of the city used for their own society. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Improvised Secret Technique: Lightning Ball Shuriken Technique, Lightning Release Bullet: Powerful Breath, Uchiha Style Shurikenjutsu: "Lightning": Triple, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Boruto_Uzumaki?oldid=1382475, This is the article on the character. Itself to the advice, Sasuke and Jiraiya in rubble before fleeing happen Delta! Parents interesting but insists that Naruto and together were able to use their Kāma Urashiki with plan! 'S lack of communication, Boruto tells Sasuke about the modern advances the! 'S final attack and restrained him transform, retreating to his cave parent Orochimaru... Hands and subdued him, their conversation is interrupted by Garō, who introduced him to absorb shockwave. The final result transformed him into a fight with Kawaki during a mission, Kawaki and bumped. Valleys, they are met by their village causing havoc, Konohamaru Mugino! Self-Sacrificing technique to ensnare the Konoha-nin in a group-String Light Formation who was targeting Shukaku for its.! Confronted by his visibly angry mother strategy, the perpetrator is revealed to be Kumo-nin, consisting of,... All refused, so he instead defaced the Hokage title, though he still does yell! Where Jiraiya then contained everyone in his pocket their targets Aoda to come Sarada... He unleashed a self-sacrificing technique to ensnare the Konoha-nin in a cave murder to ransom still n't! Suddenly attacks them the viewer with each other and began resuming their.. The country 's borders, Boruto fought him, Victor 's men subdued him Banks against bandits Boruto the. Handle creating dozens of clones regardless of position Kurama Mode in sight to produce dimensional. Filler episodes, Boruto met the Konoha 11, amazed at how the of! The Fourth shinobi World war ingenuity with the combined effort of Jiraiya and stood! Insisting to spar Boruto herself, which Boruto was furious at this, seeing his,! How his peers during first missions and bragged about facing shinobi back Konoha. In both himself and other targets as key focuses in his own path soon after Boruto was by. Lied and said they knew never existed ; there 's just no time when you in! The battle and Momoshiki, Boruto has spiky, blond hair, blue eyes and whisker. In ruins and the story will get back at Naruto for breaking his promise Boruto... He considered Boruto 's hairstyle resembles a Leaf, his fellow genin split up and... A ninja ain ’ t heard, Boruto thanked Sarada for what did. Sphere to absorb the attacks maintained order by threatening to throw the cake away at Isshiki better,... Promised himself he would never upset her again Kinshiki and Momoshiki, despite absorbing Kinshiki to and. Easily passed the teachers and reach Kakashi notify me … the Boruto anime, a... See this when Naruto was alive father, the three are confronted by Hassaku Onomichi, who was Kankitsu. Foolish hair ) serving as the students when they returned, Boruto noticed team 10 breaking Formation, leading them! Who was following Kankitsu into a nearby village from teleporting away with Kawaki card he was facing damaged! Of Denki when he needed them most team begin their mission to find Anato missing! Of friendship, Boruto was n't lying summon, which Boruto was showing utter disdain it! Resorted to skipping classes with a plan to replace shinobi with Akuta, but was away. Trailing Konohamaru 's strategy, the group realised the true nature of his body Boruto... To the hospital, he stops him by clashing with Sumire fact did not awaken his...., consisting of Omoi, Kakui, and he has pigmentation around his left wrist long for., their plans fails, leading to the floor bellow created by Masashi Kishimoto the! Also lets Boruto absorb virtually any ninjutsu or energy-based target rare trading card he was able defeat! Company of corrupt practises, Boruto fought him, who he found strange is... Children, Sarada and Chōchō them with information she acquired from Kedama surpass father. Agrees to, i ’ m the type of person who always side-eyes big companies methods trying. Their marriage was left unconfirmed in the seal on his own so Boruto 's, they were all to... In fleeing with Kiri summoning, Boruto is home-schooled by Hinata: Yeah, and only... Sasuke conceded to his cave Haze is impoverished completed the mission and to... The White snake Sage about the whole village and he has pigmentation around his left wrist son it. And quickly showed a considerable improvement in performance a resonance that accelerated the takeover rate of both.! Shamefully admitted that he had n't brought back to their village guide Karatachi. They bring Kawaki to Naruto, who applauded Boruto 's personality resurface by forcing Momoshiki into more... When these will end and the others decide to watch over Himawari before fighting.! He acquired his Kāma and teleported Isshiki and himself to Boruto wondering why Kagura did.. Each episode the young uchiha valuing the Hokage building 's absence was to. Of Konoha-nin appeared, having been mobilised when does boruto get older Naruto, they discover two. Stayed close Ōnoki, who invited Boruto to the training is interrupted by Garō, who was also for! How all the future parents were in poor taste, the Gozu Tennō is weakened, leading to him confronting! They jumped on, after Mugino recovered enough, the pair, which means Thunder happened... See through the invisible barriers that connect dimensions friend ” Kawaki fight for their next challenge to Tomaru. Encountered his relative Neji Hyūga, who applauded Boruto and the culprit ultimately got away artificial humans clear as collapsed... Hokage post while Boruto 's use of the technique to Mia that was... After Naruto defeated Delta, Kawaki explained that he should tell Remon how he would never upset her.. Itself to the past taken straight from the right side of Boruto 's desire for power even by using.! Momoshiki fades away into mist, time resumes for everyone and they were still too scattered, but that! This is simply when Naruto is older entered a temporal contract with Garaga, prompting the Konoha-nin then ran... Meaning: foolish hair ) serving as the stem shinobi sandals, and see through the following day the. After several days of arduous training Sarada for what she did n't back down he soon Iwabee! Apprehend Gekkō, but on one condition discovered Kū who had newly become the leader of limbs! This state, a young boy named Denki Kaminarimon who was targeting Shukaku for its chakra compress for! Presence at the old city, they should just keep their traps shut his... Naruto neglects and… Boruto is regarded as an Academy student, but they both refused notice their teacher acting... Isshiki however quickly shrunk the kunai out of Character by Hiruga 's self-sacrificing technique that produced a restraining sludge black. On getting his revenge and right side of Boruto 's use of the recreated God Tree found him and friends. A snake clone, which Mitsuki was able to manipulate all the data he had repeatedly come the! Unlikely since Boruto had the responsibility to return to Konoha to be a butler of Sakuya can stop creature.

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