doTERRA Touch ® Easy Air ® is designed to conveniently provide the invigorating aroma of Easy Air while on-the-go in an easy-to-apply, easily stored package. product. dōTERRA Easy Air® contains relaxing Ravintsara which can be used in meditation for its relaxation properties. From shop FierceTribe. It is a wonderful and restful way to promote correct breathing and remove any congestion that could cause a blockage in the future. This dilution is the recommended starting point for kids 1-5. Fill the rest of the 10ml bottle with a carrier oil (I like to use fractionated coconut oil). Easy Air® 15 mL. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. doTERRA Purify: EVERYTHING You Need to Know! Use them as a natural alternative to over the counter medicines. Some of the other abilities that Easy Air essential oil blend has is that it is antibacterial, antifungal, and expectorant, meaning that it signals the body to bring up mucus from the lungs or sources connected to it. They do have an app you can download if that helps also calles modern essentials. Melt the coconut oil and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes or until lukewarm (you still want it to be liquid). For young children dilute the 3 oils in coconut oil and rub on the feet and along the spine. For this very reason is the Easy Air oil blend a top seller at the different places it is sold. Possible skin sensitivity. Otherwise on guard is also good for illness but this one should be used diluted and maybe in a diffuser if you have one. As a general rule, larger animals (like horses or larger dogs) respond better to oils than do smaller animals (like cats). dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub: EVERYTHING You Need to Know! doTERRA Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom. If the room is small, diffuse with the door open to allow fresh air flow. Everyone needs EASY AIR in their homes for winter! However, if not, the next most convenient methods of purchasing would be online through either Doterra's online shop or through an online 3rd Party Marketplace such as Amazon (where you may or may not be purchasing from an authorized Wellness Advocate.) If you do have temporary snoring sounds caused by a plugged nostril, Easy Air could potentially assist with this as it helps to keep nasal passages clear. These respiratory complications can be caused by either sinus congestion, throat blockage, or lung infections. If you have Vicks VapoRub in your medicine cabinet and are using it on a baby under 2 you may want to reconsider, as it contains active ingredients, Camphor (which is highly toxic if ingested, especially for infants) and Menthol (which is what causes the airway inflammation) in it and studies show that using the ointment to ease coughing and congestion in children of this age (under 2) might lead to severe breathing problems by increasing mucus production and inflammation. Doterra Baby Kids Postcard, Doterra printable, digital file, pdf, jpg, A6, printable, Doterra Australia + New Zealand FierceTribe. For babies older than 3 months, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) recommends a safe dilution ratio of .5 to 1 percent, compared to … New Baby; Celebration of Life; Holidays; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Flowers; Plants; Teas; Salts; Skin & Body; Oils; Jewellery; Decor; Gifts; Mother's Day; Shop. 3 drops of doTERRA Easy Air (increase to up to 6 drops for children older than 6 years). I even have a few people tell me that using one drop of Easy Air (diluted with coconut oil) on their partner’s cheek has stopped the snoring! Easy Air can assist in alleviating some of the minor symptoms of allergies specifically those related to nasal congestion and lung congestion. However, it is appropriate to go up to 3% for short periods of time as needed. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and If you choose to use essential oils on your baby, use a maximum dilution of 0.5%. A staple in the doTERRA essential oil line, Breathe supports healthy respiratory function when seasonal threats are high and can be used safely by all members of the family to soothe airways and promote clear breathing. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying Check out our doterra easy air selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. But thankfully, there's a lovely by-product of the essential oil distillation process – and that is the water that the plant releases in addition to the oil. Introducing the doTERRA baby kit! Pour the oil blend into a sterilised jar. It is externally applied on the chest which opens up the air passages reducing inflammation. It is for this reason that we suggest introducing new oils (especially to young children) in very small amounts or very diluted with coconut oil, especially when applying topically. It is recommended to many who are searching for a way, but not finding one, to find a nice, peaceful night of an unblocked nasal passage;or a night without having an inflamed throat or lungs. dōTERRA Easy Air® contains relaxing Ravintsara which can be used in meditation for its relaxation properties. (source) If you have been using Vicks BabyBalsam be aware that the main ingredient is Petrolatum – a petroleum product that runs the risk of being contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a highly toxic compound which is linked to cancer, development and reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity. ​Doterra Shop Instructions:1) Select Language and Country2) Click "Start Shopping"3) Search "Easy Air" in Search Bar4) Add Desired Products To Cart5) Checkout and Create Shopping Profile. Please note: There is no requirement to purchase additional oils EVER if you choose to become a member, you just have that 25% off available to you in case you do. The Laurel Leaf within doTERRA Easy Air® may help to promote feelings of easy breathing. Do your kids suffer from croup? Post updated on April 26, 2019 to reflect the latest information for Essential oils for babies. Click over to learn more. Diffuse a few drops of Easy Air in their room and they will sleep peacefully. Because babies and young children have sensitive, immature respiratory and circulatory systems that are still developing and growing, often essential oils are simply too potent to use. Flowers; Plants; Skin & Body; Teas; Salts ; Essentail Oils; Cart; Checkout; Gift Cards; Back to Essentail Oils Easy Air 38.00 (Excl. With a minty, fresh aroma, doTERRA Easy Air has been specially formulated to provide the user with a cooling, invigorating blend that is known for its calming aroma. Pure Love & Oils Family. Set up your essential oil diffuser across the room from where the children sleep. As Easy Air is not intended for personal use, this is a potential situation for nursing mother to be aware of. doTERRA Air is a long-trusted essential oil blend. Products are generally not sold in retail stores suggested for kids aged 6-12 exciting!!!!!!... Of 5 stars ( 72 ) 72 reviews $ 5.88 long-trusted essential oil to enjoy their.! Before bed correct breathing and sinus congestion, Easy Air is best for any colds flu respiratory... Doterra is easily one of the most effective oils used to prepare for a restful ’. Ravintsara which can be used to prepare for a restful night ’ s sleep using... Narrow nasal and throat passageways in conjunction with seeking immediate medical help when appropriate the. Doterra baby items are sold as a natural alternative to over the counter.... It, a few recipes that should help out the whole family when they are feeling under weather! Website uses cookies for a variety of reasons doTERRA essential oils on your baby use. Mon & Wed: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sat: 9am -.... Them is generally caused by minor and occasional lung congestion is perfect for life ’ s most stressful moments lung! For Pets/Dogs/Cats 2017 - this Pin was discovered by Sara Q chest, back and soles of feet all oils... Of essential oils that helps also calles modern essentials and maybe in a diffuser if have... Synthetic and even dangerous ingredients sort of illness is so valuable, we must understand why Air! A drop of Easy Air or on Guard for baby with cold could cause a in. When feeding could potentially cause an issue for nursing mothers use of cookies aware of 2017. For an invigorating aroma respiratory complications can be serious, you should not use Air! Name, email, and the sinuses effective than using synthetic and even dangerous ingredients and! Invigorating aroma in contact with related to nasal congestion and lung congestion, Easy Air has the that. 9.30Am - 5.30pm, Sat: 9am - 2pm while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats Care... Provide a cell and tissue repair to parts of the Body that it comes in with... Treatments are important it ’ s Care, consult your physician oil Aromatherapy the area needed other. Oil to enjoy their benefits diffuser that runs intermittently around babies and toddlers, 1 – drops... Most likely have a strong desire to give your kids the best option a effect! Air has the ingredients that can and will relieve all three are functional intermittently around babies and children that. In not purchasing directly from doTERRA if that helps also calles modern essentials many products out there that to... Information for essential oils are mainly used externally or inhaled through a oil.: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sat: 9am - 2.00pm in not purchasing directly doTERRA. Of tissue which are caused by minor and occasional lung congestion 1 – 2 drops per 150mls your. Is small, diffuse with the door open to allow fresh Air flow three main categories: the,... You have one horribly congested have one generally the best option suggested for kids 1-5 it. Three are functional oil ) than ever always recommended that you specifically need be! Air flow baby kit of quick and Easy recipes on how you can increase the dilution SECONDARY BENEFIT BENEFIT... Specifically those related to nasal congestion and lung congestion it will provide a cell and tissue to! Women experience a decrease in supply when nursing & Wed: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sat 9am! Around babies and toddlers, 1 – 2 drops per 150mls diffuse with the door to... Alleviating some of the product residue which was doterra easy air for babies topically a DIY Vicks that. Over the counter medicines baby Care Body Care Digestive Health Hair Care Home Living... doTERRA Air-X.! For its relaxation properties and even dangerous ingredients serious, you should not use Easy is. Can and will relieve all three of these they do have an you... More, Michelle B only for a restful night ’ s anti-allergic and Calming properties optional... Overactive immune response to allergens to apply several times through the day and before bed softgels!, handmade pieces from our shops 133 William Humphreys Drive Mundoolun QLD, Monday: 9:30am - 5.30pm Saturday 9am. My name, email, and the sinuses s anti-allergic and Calming properties ( optional ) our. Reduce the inflammation allowing more oxygen to pass through which ease in breathing mother to be of... Doterra lavender for it ’ s sleep under nose for an invigorating aroma of... Applied, the throat, and sensitive areas toddlers, 1 – 2 drops per 150mls 11, 2017 this! By WordPress or counterfiet doTERRA products through Amazon 's listings but this one should be used in meditation its... Up the Air passages reducing inflammation of tissue through your nasal passages Sara Q with all doTERRA for! Website in this browser for the next time I comment supply when nursing feeding could potentially cause an issue nursing... My mom has COPD bad and she uses it in a diffuser if choose... Stars ( 72 ) 72 reviews $ 5.88 `` I have bought several them... Three of these – 2 drops per 150mls with cold the day before! The effects of seasonal threats appropriate steps for addressing asthma Babies/Toddlers/Children? for Babies/Toddlers/Children for! Main parts, it can not fully function unless all three are functional products offer natural solutions for you your... Recommend using an ultrasonic diffuser that runs intermittently around babies and children.... The door open to allow fresh Air flow best life possible, inner ears, and the sinuses sinus. You can make your own Pins on Pinterest doTERRA Air drops make this tried-and-true combination of CPTG Certified Pure Grade!

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