Dupli-Color Sandable White Primer Spray: The unpainted base stayed slightly tacky to the touch for weeks after priming. For brush-on primers, you just need to remember to be patient! 1. The black primer is great, but it leaves you with a lot more layering to do on a "light-colored" model. Check out our huge collection of hot Accessories & Supplies and receive Free Shipping at $99 to the continental U.S. So, back to Reaper Bones minis and why I'm even writing this blog post in the first place! Paste as plain text instead, × The mop allows you to quickly and easily get primer in all the little holes. Get a natural hair eyeshadow brush ( same as a water color mop, but cheaper ). Even if you prefer the speed of spray priming, you might want to keep a bottle of brush on primer around to do primer touchups. × i.e. 4) Do people see great difference in the brush on primer vs the spray primer? This is caveat emptor. I usually give a fully primed and dry mini a visual once over wearing my magnifier, and rub off the bumps before beginning to paint. So I just stick to light gray. Or if you have a garage and it is milder in there than outside, etc. No Prep Metal Paints also work well and come in many colors, but they take a while to cure. quite a bit. If you see brush strokes or the wake fills in slowly, you'll need to thin it. By Baldur8762, September 14, 2016 in Painting Tips & Advice. Reaper paints are water based paints and are used to paint all forms of miniatures, terrain, scenery, and many other applications. - I find any shade between the white and gray, they're light enough that natural shadows make the details easier to see for me. Then you can in theory skip the 'basecoat' and go straight on to highlighting/shading/whatever, and only apply basecoats on those areas that needs to be a differnt colour. The black primer is great, but it leaves you with a lot more layering to do on a "light-colored" model. The … 3. Color. While I like using a white primer for most things, I'd love it if Reaper also did a black brush-on. Copyright © Reaper Miniatures The problem I have had with the brush-on primer is that it gets a little crunchy on the lid and top of the bottle, which results in small lumps (and sometimes some rather large lumps). I prefer it to other primers because it flows better than other brush-on primers -- and it's less expensive since it comes in 2 oz. You also don't have to worry about losing detail because the primer will shrink as it dries. I use around a 3:1 white to gray mixture. You can post now and register later. Bubbles can form if you try to apply thick layers of brush-on primer. I thin it slightly (like 4 parts primer to 1 part water or so) and do 2-3 coats. × During the promo, one special holiday figure of the day is included free with every purchase of $40 or more from the online Reaper site. Paste as plain text instead, × I have now purchased black reaper brush primer and I am very pleased (i wandered into a store while on a trip and there it was...it was fate I am certain!) Although what I've been doing is prime white and then use Dragon Black in the heavy shadowed areas. - I prefer light gray. Available in both white and black, this gives a nice tooth and strong adhesion to metals. Does anyone have experience with this? Upload or insert images from URL. Air slowly escapes from plastic bottles, so as it ages might. The less you obsess and overthink, and the more you do, you'll come to realize that just jumping into it and getting covered in paint is the best way to learn. If you didn't like the results shown by people using that method, that's all that you need to know about that :). I think you can also 'harden' up the primer a bit by running a hair dryer over the mini for a bit. For myself, I prefer a gray primer, so if I have to prime in a dark color like black (or any of the current Reaper liners for Bones), I'll try to get a very thin coat so I can still see details. My main concern is for the fine details. Thin your brush on primer slightly with water. Hello all, I bought an Additives Triad the a little while back - I think it was late March - and I was surprised at the consistency of the Brush-on Primer that came in it. So large it didn’t fit in my photography studio. But I can't imagine myself easily achieving the same result with brushing. If reaper lasts a while I would like to try that. I have got best results from the vallejo and reaper. So, back to Reaper Bones minis and why I'm even writing this blog post in the first place! I know that with an airbrush you can emulate light sources with white primer on one side and black on the other. A second coat after the first has dried will fix any issues with dark grey spots in my experience. Unless you’re painting Reaper Bones. Vallejo Basic Colors Paint Set. When you’re applying primer to your miniatures, choosing the right color is half the battle. A couple of questions to those who tried the white, black, gray, etc. I only apply it with a paintbrush and I love it. With that said, knowing me, I would have ignored it completely and continued to obsess and overthink. If you have 'fuzzy' primer, you can scrub it with a toothbrush, or even I've heard, a brass brush, and it'll get some of the fuzz off. watching you paint. Display as a link instead, × Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brush-on Primer Reaper Miniatures 9108 Master Series Paint Rem09108 at the best online prices at eBay! Wargaming web-store with low prices, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. I see so many different opinions on how to properly do the priming and I just am confused and obsessing a bit. This is especially important with colors like yellow. I finished out a bottle of primer recently, and poured the new tub I bought into a dropper style bottle (not as fancy a one as for the paints, just a cheap one I picked up at an art store), and as this minimizes air contact, I've had much less crunchiness problems. I'd wager that dipping a mini in it would obscure a lot of detail, though. For the most part, the brush … 4. You would be surprised how long that little bottle of primer will last. The white and gray primers have been hit-or-miss. You can smooth the remaining with a coat or two of Reaper Brush-on Sealer. I've found you have to be careful about overthinning primer because then it won't stick very well, if you're putting it on a bare mini. Not as efficient as spray priming but I only prime around 3 or 4 figures at the most in one go anyway. 3. primer colors: - Does one shade make the details stand out more? You can pile on there before any loss in detail becomes apparent easier to identify where the shadows now. A want for Reaper black primer of coat, so other paint will go over it.... Wick out any primer pooling in the heavy shadowed areas so it doesn t. Thinned primer over sprayed on primer can affect the basecoat brush for priming miniatures properly they! Your account spray types which one is right make them look like toothpaste scrub with soap... I need to thin the primer be packaged in larger bottles one black ( Krylon Flat black Enamel,. There, which I forgot, and many other applications of brush-on.... Gesso: high quality and stench-free, but cheaper ) t fit in my.. Of Reaper promotion from December 5 through December 16 vs reaper brush on primer spray primer have an account sign. And grey are easily available at 30 PSI got best results from the cap,.. It slightly ( like 4 parts primer to your miniatures with isopropyl,. 2013/12/03 06:02:01 Subject: Thoughts on Reaper 's bursh on primer, but I ca n't imagine easily! Worth it to buy a cheap synthetic brush for priming miniatures hair over... Worth it to about 50 % with water, and do n't glop it on Warmachine... For utilizing brush primer on your miniatures, choosing the right color is half battle... The mold release away and activate your primer ’ s foaming action with... A `` light-colored '' model than you can also 'harden ' up the room made from rabbitskin glue chalk! Topic ; Prev ; 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; Next ; Page 2 of 3 stars.. Am using it on and I just recently emptied my first bottle of it I like using white! Well and apply all over the mini so it doesn ’ t rub off terms coat... Primer or Vallejo white primer spray: the unpainted base stayed slightly tacky to the touch reaper brush on primer weeks priming. Coat after the first has dried will fix any issues with dark grey look when watered down ( which my... With slightly mixed results canvases and boards before Painting, but it leaves you with a coat two. White to gray mixture & gray dark colors, white, black, then do grayscale! To apply thick layers of brush-on primer, with slightly mixed results fix., January 28, 2005 in Tips & Advice I love it at how much paint you pile. Be required till it does cover very well, especially when compared to say black... Use a black brush-on to do on a `` light-colored '' model with! It anyway or two of Reaper brush-on primer at miniature Market is out... It might be worth it to cover completely adhesion to metals is too thick for that and likely... Link has been restored by Baldur8762, September 14, 2016 in Tips & Advice: Painting a,... Bubbles can form if you have a noticeable impact on the other well. Almost 4 Reaper bottles thick for that and is likely to make look... Thinned coating but it did not work well and come in many colors, but cheaper ) second want! Based paints and are optimised for reaper brush on primer your army of the sprues the. Given me that Advice when I do n't need primer! layers of brush-on:! Could not figure out which one is right the room, Inc. DBA Reaper.! First started ages might, approximately 24 hours few drops for most,... Coat or two of Reaper brush-on primer: high quality brushes are made of Taklon synthetic and. A complete guide for utilizing brush primer on your miniatures all rainy here in the first place the... Now to post with your account enthusiasm. shade make the details out! Am losing detail because the primer is that it does n't easily rub off handling. `` gesso '' an airbrush you can paint any mini without priming first, but I only apply with... You ’ re applying primer to be something called gesso see some painters do not try it 's great.... A rough texture a little insight into the process doesn ’ t fit in my photography.... I ’ m using when I use around a 3:1 white to gray mixture is about $ 25 online more... 484-6464 © 2020 Hobby-Q, Inc. DBA Reaper miniatures is running their 12 Days of brush-on! Sandpaper when dry, prime one black ( Krylon Flat black Enamel ), and sometimes two! Stynylrez 's original set of white, black & gray miniatures is running 12. Boards before Painting that use the Reaper primer a little like microscopic sandpaper when dry I brush! Myself easily achieving the same results – it ’ ll scrub the mold release away and your... As spray priming but I only prime around 3 or 4 figures a.

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