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Richard C. Dorf, University of California, Davis ; James A. Svoboda, Clarkson University
Introduction to Electric Circuits, 4/eClick here for Online Student and Instructor Resources ; Click here for Errata listing

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, by Charles Alexander and Matthew Sadiku 
Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering, 3/e by Giorgio Rizzoni 
Fundamentals of Electric Circuit Analysis Clayton R. Paul, 
Mercer University 
Transparency Masters  ; PSPICE Tutorial
Principles of Electric Circuits, Sixth Edition ; Principles of Electric Circuits:  Electron Flow Version  ; Fifth Edition , By Thomas L. Floyd ;
Multimedia circuits I & II

Multimedia circuits III& IV

Multimedia Circuits is a CD-Rom based learning system that incorporates full color animated graphics, real time video clips, and sound in a hypertext format to illustrate electric circuit concepts. Providing users with a self-paced, self-directed on-screen exploration of key topics like Ohm's Law and Thevinin's Theorem makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Features:
- uses full motion video to illustrate hands-on activities like soldering and bread boarding. 
- uses animated graphics to present concepts like generation of sinusoidal waveforms that are difficult to explain during lecture. 
- topics are hyperlinked to allow maximum flexibility when choosing which topics and in what order topics are studied. 
- Add Material button allows instructors to personalize their presentation by adding their own material such as notes, additional examples, practice problems, or supplemental topics. 
- incorporates sound to emphasize key topics or illustrate important electric circuit concepts. 
- student assessment component allows instructors to assign and grade problems electronically. students can add their own notes and comments using the Add Material button. 

Circuite Electrice

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