3DShields - Innovative technology for multilayer EMI shields based on spatial fabric

Project supported by a grant of Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNDI-UEFISCDI, CrossTexNet Project 7_071_2012




About 3DShields

    “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Materials and Components Markets and Opportunities” (Apri 2010) by NanoMarkets LC: the total market value for EMC products and materials will drive to $13.6 billion by 2015. Traditional electromagnetic shields are made of copper, aluminium, stainless steel, silver, gold, etc. These metals are used either unprocessed (sheets, plates, mesh) either as thin layers of coating materials (metallization).

    The disadvantages of using metallic shields (high manufacturing costs, end products with high specific weight and prone to corrosion processes) have leaded to the emergence of a new type of shields, the composites ones. Conventional composite EMI shields are made of conductive filler elements (metal powders, carbon black, carbon fibers, textile fibers, conductors, etc.) embedded in a polymer mass (conductive PANI types are also available).

    A new textiles electromagnetic shield/gasket concept and manufacturing technology is proposed. Project aims to develop new textile based shielding 3D architecture with high shielding effectiveness, low manufacturing costs, shape diversity, mechanical elasticity and facile mounting.

    The novelty is emphasized by the complex structure of the proposed electromagnetic shield (3D fabrics structures of composite conductive fibres) and the synergy involvement of all EM attenuation mechanisms (reflection, absorption, multiple reflections).

    The research methodology for developing the final structure is encompassing specialised electromagnetic simulation of conductive fibers in predefined spatial architectures, EMC/RF measurements, textile technology design and testing for spatial knitting. In terms of economic benefits, the potential impact will be the developement of a versatile technology and also of a product with flexible tailored features for intersectorial markets, general EMC/RF knowledge expanding, technology transfer plan for the involved industrial partners with an envisaged increase of employment (min. 10%) and turnover (min. 15%).